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In its 2010 survey, U.S. News World Report ranked & Harvard Business School No. 1. out of 426 MBA programs. This very selective school typically admits 12 percent of applicants for a class size of approximately 900 students. Students interested in pursuing a joint MBA program must apply separately for each school within the University and be accepted for each independently.


Harvard Business School is known for its use of "case method", which was originally created by Harvard faculty. With this method of teaching, professors present MBA students with challenges facing leading companies and organizations. Students take on the role as decision makers, learning management concepts, as they work through the challenges of a particular "subject". All students are assigned a group or "section" of approximately 90 students. Each section shares cases and take classes together in the first year.

The two-year MBA program includes a required curriculum of 10 courses during the first year, followed by up to five optional courses per semester in the second year. Students are placed in "learning teams", where they collaborate with persons from other sections.


Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government offers two joint study programs, MBA/Master of Public Policy and MBA/Master of Public Administration-International Development. Both three-year programs are structurally similar, but differ in the required courses and elective options. Both programs include an exclusive joint degree seminar, business-Government integrative course and Keystone exercise.

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The first year of study includes two semesters of coursework at Harvard Kennedy School and a two-week immersion project that requires a week group trips abroad. In the summer after the first year, students implement a policy-related or international development-related internship. In the course of the second year, students take required courses at Harvard Business School, followed by a business-related summer internship. The third year contains a combination of compulsory and optional courses at both schools, as well as a capstone exercise.


The four-year program offered by Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School includes core curriculum of both schools, as well as a wide variety of electives. In years one and two, complete students the typical first-year courses at Harvard Law School or Harvard Business School, in either order. The third and fourth years include electives at both schools. To upgrade from the joint program, students complete 40 hours of public service.


Five-year program in collaboration with Harvard Medical School urges students to fill out a medical residency or postgraduate clinical training. In the first year of the program include the required curriculum at the Harvard Medical School, followed by a summer internship in business management. The second and third years accompanied by the necessary medical courses followed by clinical experience during the summers. During the fourth year, students take required business courses with clinical rotations, and over the last year, students take electives at every school.

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The five-year program with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine enrolled its first students in 2009 designed to create leaders who are skilled in dental care and management, MBA/Doctor of Dental Medicine program offers an integrated curriculum of the basic concepts and core science disciplines of dentistry. Students take courses at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School.

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