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INSEAD in Brazil

Last week, when I said that the season of events of international universities had begun, I was not lying.

Next week, in addition to Berkeley on June 1 in SP, we have events at INSEAD in SP and RJ.

Small problem: the two SP events fall on the same day. Yeah ... .já started having to make choices now.

And this is not an easy choice ... after all, INSEAD has been voted the # 1 MBA in 2016 by FT ranking.

Following data:

RJ Event
Date : Tuesday, May 31
Time : 19: 00-22: 00
Location : Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana - Avenida Atlantica, 4240.
How will the event : Information session on the MBA program to be led by Tina François, the Director of Marketing and Recruitment Assistant. There, she intends to approach the course curriculum as well as the admission process. After the session, there will be opportunity to network with alumni.

SP Event
Date : Wednesday, June 1
Time : 19: 00-22: 00
Location : Tivoli Sao Paulo - Al Santos, 1437.
How will the event : Lecture with alumnus of INSEAD, Thibaud Lecuyer, about his experience of founding and developing Dafiti, a start-up of e-commerce in Brazil. After the lecture, there will be opportunity to network with alumni.

And how to choose between the Berkeley event and INSEAD on June 1?

First, you can take the rain horse: you can not go to both. It is essential to focus on the quality of interaction rather than quantity.

The choice is very personal, but - considering that both universities are among the top 10 - you can take into account some factors:

INSEAD : Europe. 1 year (lower cost, return to the labor market in less time). Highly international (96%). Largest employer: consulting. 705. GMAT average acceptance rate 23%. Average age: 30. Springboard for international career.

Berkeley USA. California. Technology. Largest employers: Technology (26%) and Consulting (26%). Half an hour from San Francisco. Acceptance rate of 11%. GMAT average 718. Average age: 28. Springboard for career in the US.

That is, it is a good problem: two excellent choices!

Regardless of which you choose, one thing is certain: if you feel like doing MBA outside Brazil their fourth night will be busy. The next step is to notify the partner / partner do not have to wait for dinner.


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