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Inside the MBA: The Decision

This is my life, this is my club... Why apply to an MBA is not just a decision professional

Decide to apply for an MBA abroad is not an easy decision. While in some careers, such as within consultancies or banks, is a natural step for the professional growth, in other is not a path so obvious. The investment revolves around US$200 thousand, you get two years out of the labour market and the return is not always immediate. Therefore, the choice goes far beyond the financial contribution, it is a personal choice.

Inside the MBA: The Decision

My case was no different. Four years ago I apply for an MBA. I researched so much about the subject, and talked so much about it that, after two years without even apply, even close friends began to doubt that one day I would. As Public Relations, an MBA was not anything usual. And getting two years out of the market could even compromise the local contacts, so important when you work with the relationship.

But, even without to be sure, in the beginning of 2011 I started studying for the GMAT (yes, the proof is a beast with seven heads, do not be fooled, but it can be overcome with a little discipline and a certain dose of determination).

In the beginning, my criteria were universities located in big cities, so I did a tour as well grueling 20-day, passing by Chicago, New York and san Francisco. As no one is of iron, still includes Miami and a stop in Michigan, where I have family. I confess that these first visits have not helped much. Some schools were on vacation, I don't have brazilian students, we did not do happy hours... I Attended only the sessions that the traditional presentation of the school.The only exception was Stanford, where I found no want a brazilian that spoke to me more about the school and invited me to attend the lecture of the CEO of Disney. Of course I was thinking: Stanford rocks! It's no wonder that it is the first in several rankings.

But, to move there, I'd better get back to focusing on the GMAT. The promise of the study was to the space in the second week back to work. I started working in a crisis of reputation and only went back to study in September. By the way, to be good at English or math does not mean that this will be reflected in a good note. Train, train, train, even when it seems easy, if not you may end up taking 550 in the first test, as has occurred to me, and having to do it all over again.

Well, back to the topic of the post, once you get 660 in the second test of the GMAT (a note reasonable, but not sensational), I decided to go ahead. It would be in 2012 with calm. Could rethink the schools and even the decision, if that were the case. Under the guidance of the consultant, I have expanded the range of four to nine schools, and I dove in head first to understand how it was each one of them. I read articles, I researched the websites and blogs of students, and I returned to the United States to do the interview for Ross and Kellogg. I took the visitinhas and still went to Boston to meet Harvard and MIT.

It was a long process, costly, but decisive. I liked the people I met. More than that, I identified with his philosophy. It may seem rhetoric, and of the most silly, but the teachers, students, staff, alumni, everyone had a brightness in the eye, a dream big, a sure that will make a difference in business, in society, maybe even in the world. With the plus that, like me, will not open hand of a good HH with friends to have time to “change the world”. Work hard, party harder is the motto of Insead, but after what I saw, I can say that a lot of school also shares this same principle.Be with the staff of my MBA was like to be in that business of a company of telecommunication, this is my life, this is my club.

So, after four long years of reflection or a little, here I am, bags packed for two years in Evanston, next to Chicago, in the United States. I will do an MBA at Kellogg business school of Northwestern University. While the classes do not begin, colaborarei fortnightly, increasing the frequency to weekly in September. I hope that my posts will help you to better understand the universe of MBAs international and to make the decision to embark or not in this journey.





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