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International MBA: What You Need To Know

Studying abroad is the goal of many professionals, but also a reality that requires investment and dedication. It is true that attending MBA in international renowned schools guarantee a true rise in the career of any professional and combine international experience the possibility of forming a valuable network.

However, this decision is only the first step towards the realization of this plan. Courses outside the country have hours that are twice courses in Brazilian institutions, materials with highly complex and fully in English. For this reason, the student's preparation is essential. Not to mention that some candidates still carry expectations that often do not match the reality.

"It is important that the applicant provide a full assessment of your career goals and personal, and what is your plan to study abroad," says Viviane Wright, Social MBA House preparatory school for MBA courses Top 10, with units five cities, including New York.

"The best way to choose what to do MBA is counting on the support of a consultant who will make this assessment, and this may indicate the programs that the candidate will have the best" fit ". Programs that have more to do with what the candidate wants and where you will feel more comfortable studying, "added Viviane.

The contribution from the professional to the company is a differential contrary to what most think, it is not essential to have the curriculum passage by multinationals. What is important is the contribution that the candidate has done for the company, its proactivity and generating solutions. The applications - essays that the candidate delivery to schools - along with the GMAT score bring much wider information than a simple resume.

"They watch everything. It rely on participation in academic work, unions, groups, projects of the companies they worked, other international experiences such as trips and courses and even personal experiences that have relevance, "explains Marcelo Dias, coordinator of the MBA House São Paulo.

Undertake from youth also means that there is enough experience and especially leadership. Many schools appreciate it. In the same room there will be students who have had experience in various multinational companies, and others who have undertaken a lifetime.

The school record is important for admission to schools. It is combined with other information to trace the applicant's academic profile. Have excellent score on the GMAT and a positive work history can create chances to counteract a weak academic record.

Visiting schools is an option, but does not necessarily help in admission. However, in time to prepare the application, this knowledge can be a differentiator. Another alternative is to participate in events organized schools in the country.

Steps to reach the international MBA

Step 1

Commitment and will to win the job.

Step 2

The choice of the most appropriate school profile and career goals.

Step 3

Study Plan - studies last about a year for results.

Step 4

satisfactory Notes on GMAT and TOEFL. The GMAT is a computerized test three hours long. But the TOEFL is the test that assesses proficiency in English.

Step 5

newsrooms very well prepared, applications calls, which will be sent to schools within the stipulated deadlines.

Step 6


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