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Jordan: Political System

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a parliamentary monarchy. King Abdullah Ibn al-Hussein has been the country's head of state since 1999. The bicameral parliament consists of the House of Representatives with currently 110 members directly elected by the people and the Senate with currently 55 members appointed by the King. A legislative period lasts four years and can be extended by the king for up to two years.

Jordan: Political System

According to, the official name of the country is:

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

(al-Mamlaka al-Urduniyya al-Hashimiyya)

National anthem

As-salam al-malaki al-urdunihas been the national anthem of Jordan since 1946, the year of independence. Based on flag descriptions by, the text was written by Abdul-Munim al-Rifai, the music was composed by Abdul-Qadir al-Tanir.

Jordan flag and coat of arms

In the English translation:
Long live the king! Long live the king! His position is exalted, His banners wave in glorious victory.

We achieved our goal on that day when you set us a goal, a revolution gives us our euphoria! To fly on the shoulders of the highest comets.

Oh! King of the Arabs, you have your office from the highest prophet. The joy of your ruling house, which is written about in the depths of the Koran!

All the men in their youthful bloom, armed form your army! Your destiny will last forever!

Oh! King of the Arabs, you have your office from the highest prophet. The joy of your ruling house, which is written about in the depths of the Koran!

May you remain the light and the guide, a great teacher not sinning, doing no wrong. Live your life in happiness and full of blessings! The glory of all Arabs rests under your flag.

Oh! King of the Arabs, you have your office from the highest prophet. The joy of your ruling house, which is written about in the depths of the Koran!

Mediterranean Union

At the instigation of France, a "Union for the Mediterranean" - or Mediterranean Union for short - was founded in Paris on July 13th between the EU and the countries shown in the figure. This union is a loose association of the countries shown in the figure and has agreed on the following projects:

  • Energy, medium-sized and educational project
  • Keeping the Mediterranean clean
  • Establishment of transnational waterways and highways
  • Establishment of a common disaster control

The final declaration formulated the political goal of creating a Middle East free from weapons of mass destruction. In addition, the member states committed themselves to "strengthening democracy and political pluralism". Furthermore, every form of terrorism as well as attempts to associate a religion or culture with terrorism were condemned.

Jordan: Known People

Natural scientist

  • Garabed Antranikian(born 1951), German biologist born in Amman.

    On October 14, 2004, he received the German Environmental Award from the German Federal Environment Foundation, the most valuable environmental award in Europe.

Politicians and rulers

  • Queen Noor Al Hussein (born 1951), fourth wife of the late King Hussein I.

    Her memoir, published in 2003, became a bestseller.

  • Abdullah II. Bin al-Hussein (born 1962), current King of Jordan

    He is highly regarded in the Islamic world for his diplomatic skills, but has been criticized by international human rights activists for the lack of freedom of the press and freedom of speech in his country. As an avowed fan of the science fiction series Star Trek, he even played a supporting role in an episode of the series Voyager.

  • Queen Rania of Jordan (born 1970)

    The wife of the current Jordanian king became the official queen with his accession to the throne in 1999, alongside Queen Noor, the widow of Hussein, who retained her title.

  • Aun Schaukat al-Chasauneh(born 1950), Jordanian diplomat and lawyer.

    He was elected judge at the International Court of Justice in 2000.

Writer and poet

  • Abd ar-Rahman Munif (1933-2004), writer

    Born in Jordan, he lived in Syria until his death, and his novels are among the most widely read in the Arab world. The best known was the five-volume novel "Mudun al-milh" (Salt Cities), in which he gives a literary tracing of the development of Saudi Arabia from a tribal desert society to an oil monarchy. In 1989 his Saudi Arabian citizenship was withdrawn as a result.

  • Hashem Ghareibeh (born 1953), writer
  • Ghalib Halasa (1932-1989), writer and journalist

    It was banned from Jordan because of its left-wing opposition involvement.

  • Fakhri Saleh (born 1957), Jordanian writer and journalist

Theologians and philosophers

  • Maroun Elias Nimeh Lahham (born 1948)

    current Roman Catholic Bishop of Tunis






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