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Kazakhstan Political system

Kazakhstan Political system

According to, the official name of the country is:

Republic of Kazakhstan

According to its constitution, the Republic of Kazakhstan is a democratic, secular and social constitutional state that is governed by the principle of a presidential democracy.

The parliament

is the highest legislative body in the country. It consists of two chambers: the Senate (upper house) with 47 members and the Mashilis (lower house) with 77 members,

67 of which are directly elected by majority voting in the constituencies and 10 via party lists.

The president

is the country's head of state and therefore the highest official. The President has extensive powers and powers. He appoints and dismisses the prime minister and the government, he has the right to dissolve parliament and he is the supreme commander of the armed forces. He represents the state of Kazakhstan internally and externally. The president's term of office is seven years.

Since Kazakhstan's independence, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who was previously the last general secretary of the Kazakh Communist Party, has been President of Kazakhstan.

The government is responsible for its activities to the President and reports to Parliament. The government is headed by the Prime Minister.

National anthem

The national anthem of Kazakhstan is:

Menin Kazakhstanym

Altyn kün aslany,

Altyn dän dalasy,

Erlikting dastany,

Elime qarashy!Ezhelden er degen,

Dangkymyz shyqty ghoy.

Namysyn bermegen,

Qazaghym myqty ghoy!Mening elim, mening elim,

Güling bolyn egilemin,

Zhyryng bolyn tögilemin, elim!

Tughan zherim mening - Qazaqstanym!

Urlaqqa zhol ashqan,

Keng baytaq zherim bar.

Birligi zharasqan,

Täuelsiz elim bar.

Qarsy alghan yaqytty,

Mänggilik dosynday.

Bizding el baqytty,

Bizding el osynday!

Mening elim, mening elim,

Güling bolyn egilemin,

Zhyryng bolyn tögilemin, elim!

Tughan zherim mening - Qazaqstanym!

In English translation it reads:

My Kazakhstan

In the sky the golden sun,

In the field the golden grains,

An epic of heroism -

Such is my country!For centuries

we have been valiant.

We are proud and strong,

My Kazakh people!Oh you my country, oh you my country,

I am the flower you pulled,

I am the song that sounds on your lips, oh country!

My home is my Kazakhstan!

We have a vast land

and the way to the future is open.

Our people are united,

Our country - independent.

It meets new times

like the old friend.

The land of our happiness

Is this land here!

Oh you my country, oh you my country,

I am the flower you pulled,

I am the song that sounds on your lips, my country!

My home is my Kazakhstan!

National flag

Based on flag descriptions by, the colors are turquoise blue and gold. The symbol in the middle represents the sun and underneath it an eagle with spread wings. The vertical stripe on the left represents a traditional Kazakh ornament.

Kazakhstan flag and coat of arms

Famous pepole

Muchtar Auezov (1897-1961)

He became particularly well-known for his four-volume work "The Way of Abaj", in which he describes life in Kazakhstan in the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century in a grandiose way.

A number of his works also found their way into the theater, which is how it was named after him. Akhmet Bajtursynuly (1872-1937) Bajtursynuly represents a group of patriotically-minded Kazakh intellectuals, almost all of whom were killed during the Stalin era in the 1930s. He attended a Koran school and then worked as a teacher. He also wrote poetry and had translated the Russian poet Ivan Krylov into Kazakh.

In 1928 he was a brief professor at the Kazakh State University. But was already in exile from 1929 to 1933. But was rehabilitated for a short time through the efforts of Mrs. Maxim Gorkis.

He was arrested again shortly afterwards and was shot dead in a camp as an enemy of the people in 1937

Dinmuchamed Kunajev (1912-1993)

Kunajev was the "chief" of the Kazakh People's Republic for 26 years and this position was very popular with the people. He had previously worked as a miner.

In 1986, however, he was replaced by the Russian Gennady Kolbin due to a decision by the Central Committee.

As a result, there were riots in Almaty with many dead and injured

Abaj Kunanbajev (1845-1904)

Writer. His first name was, correctly, Ibrahim, but his grandmother called him Abaj - the righteous - as a child.

Early on he recognized the unjust differences between his rich parents and the many poor and almost lawless people.

This theme ran through his entire literary work. He also translated important Russian and European literature into Kazakh.

He is considered the founder of Kazakh literature. During the Stalindictatorship, his works were subject to strong defamation as backward-looking.

Nursultan Nazarbayev (born 1940)

The central personality of the country is President Nursultan Nazarbayev, president since 1991, last re-elected on December 4th, 2005 for another seven years with (officially) 91.15% of the vote.

As in all Central Asian countries, Nazarbayev rules the country autocratically and with almost unlimited power. He appoints the Prime Minister and the government and can also remove them from their offices. He can dissolve parliament and is the chief commander of the armed forces. Members of his family hold key positions in industry and the media.

Nazarbayev completed the classic party career of a Soviet apparatchik (functionary of the state youth organization, general secretary of the Kazakh Communist Party). After Kazakhstan's independence in 1991, he seamlessly moved from the office of party leader to the office of president.

Opposition politicians and independent media are arbitrarily persecuted with the concentrated power of the state apparatus including the (completely state owned) judiciary.

On the other hand, it must be seen that, despite these practices, the majority of Kazakhs are clearly behind Nazarbayev, because Nazarbayev is attributed to Nazarbayev's unmistakable economic boom, from which more and more broad sections of the population are benefiting.

Zhambyl Zhabajev (1846-1945)

He was an eminent singer and poet. In 1938 he became a member of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh Soviet Republic, where he also performed as a singer and musician. A number of his works were devoted to the fight against the fascists in his homeland.

His appeal to the people of occupied Leningrad with the title "Leningraders, my children", which was broadcast on the radio, became particularly well known.






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