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MBA Does Not Guarantee Higher Salary

An MBA (Master in Business Administration) must be attended only if the professional wishes to take up a managerial position. And the course alone does not guarantee automatic salary increase. This will depend on how the professional will apply the acquired knowledge.

This is the view of Armando Dal Colletto, the executive director ANA MBA (National Association of MBA) and professor at the Business School São Paulo. He explains what is an MBA, how you can contribute to your career take off and gives tips to choose the best course. Read the following excerpts from the interview granted to UOL .

MBA should be done by those who crave a managerial position

UOL - What it is and what it is for an MBA program?

Armando Dal Colleto - The MBA is a course that develops skills and competencies related to the management of businesses and organizations. Addresses fundamental and essential issues for the understanding of management and focus on core competencies to exercise leadership, development of analytical and strategic thinking, global vision and human resource management.

An MBA will enable the professional to the managerial decision-making in complex business environments and can provide valuable experience for the career.

As the MBA can contribute to the career of the professional?

The discussion of activities and exchange of experiences will enable the professional to the governing challenges, performance in turbulent environments and with an international focus, in addition to providing a comprehensive and interdependent view of the business environment.

All these qualities are required of executives when leading companies seeking management professionals. In addition, the networking grown during the course will allow a lasting relationship with managers and future leaders from different segments, making it possible to find new opportunities and challenges.

An MBA can raise the value of the professional wage?

There are studies that correlate years of study and higher pay. The MBA is no exception to this rule. In theory, as well as other qualities that a professional adds to your resume, the MBA favors higher remuneration. But it will depend also on how the professional will apply the knowledge acquired, its performance and the image and quality of the course.

How much do an MBA?

Here in Brazil, there are more affordable courses and no important differences with prices between R $ 15,000 and R $ 20,000. Basically meet workload requirements and MEC teachers profile and have no specific accreditation of quality.

An MBA should be attended only if the professional wishes to take up a managerial position.

There are courses offered by higher quality schools and offering hours with courses well above the MEC requirements and highly qualified teachers with prices ranging between R $ 35,000 and R $ 60,000. These courses have specific accreditation of MBA that guarantees quality standards.

We also have courses that are offered partially or entirely in another language as English (R $ 60,000 to R $ 150,000). In general we can say that the courses are respected and valued by recruiters in proportion to their image and their cost.

What kind of professional to do an MBA?

An MBA should be attended only if the professional wishes to take up a managerial position. In addition to the vocation, we need a minimum experience that catalyze this transformation.

Three to five years of work, on average, give this base and allow the student to bring valuable experiences to share with their peers and teachers. Unlike graduation, where students arrive inexperienced in MBA, experience is a necessary prerequisite.

Who does not need an MBA?

While the professional occupies more specialized positions and has not taken initial responsibilities of coordination and leadership, a focused course on a specific topic can bring faster benefits in your career.

They are shorter post-graduate courses (one year to a year and a half). In general, they are called master in specific subject such as project management, controlling etc.

How to choose a good MBA course?

We have basically two types of MBA courses: Executives with two-year, fully comprehensive character and have a more mature audience that already occupies direction positions. Here what is most valued is the internationality [global view] leadership aspects, exchange of best market practices and intense discussion of cases and contacts with executives.

The other group consists of MBAs that offer a "dip" in particular greater specialization as marketing or finance, for example. These courses usually have 70% of subjects corresponding to general and key management fear, followed by 30% in a particular specialization.

This type of MBA attracts an audience in the time of former career that values ​​and requires a combination of skills, combining general themes with specialized to still be in transition or early managerial career.

When choosing an MBA course, the items most valued by students, according to research by ANAMBA are: image of the institution and the course; curriculum; recommendation of students; Profile faculty; International modules and ranking evaluation of the courses.

Search a course select the fact students. This will ensure co-quality and learning environment will be fertile. A good course needs good teachers and good students.

Worth doing MBA abroad?

This alternative is reserved for those who may be absent from work for longer periods or even abandon them in favor of living in another country. It will be worth if the goal is the deepest international experience or if the intention is to attend a particular school renowned internationally. No doubt the cost will be much higher.

A renowned school course as Harvard or UCLA costs about $ 55,000 per year and additional expenses for a person can reach over US $ 40,000. Therefore, considering the passages of a return trip, we're talking about almost $ 200,000 or about US $ 450,000.





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