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MBA Last Year Bank Projects

A Masters in Business Administration, or MBA, is a master-level degree wide in business and economics. Students in the MBA programs can learn everything from international finance to consumer behavior. As students approaching his final school year in an MBA program, he will have to defend a thesis-like project. MBA students interested in the banking sector has a number of general banking areas, they can focus their research and business knowledge of.

International Banking

The General area of international banking may provide more project ideas. For example, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, describes its international banking courses which compares the actions of individual financial institutions across the globe. Students can study and empirical predict trends in international banking over a certain period of time by looking at international trends and variables.

Disclosure Impact

At the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, teach MBA students about the ramifications of the financial measures. A final-year project idea may include studying the results of the disclosure, or the information that banks provide to consumers and stakeholders.

Role of Investment

Banks' roles in investment, especially on a global scale, remains a fertile field. For example, DePaul University Center for Strategy, Execution and valuation has many fellows, which focuses on the role of investment. A student can use a case where a bank invested in a variable, such as bonds, and the end result of such an investment. The project can investigate why an investment failed or succeeded.

Interest Rates

The social sciences have many methods to predict human behavior, but it does business, when it comes to interest rates. Students who are interested in the future of banking business may want to focus on interest rates. A final project may deal with a case or current market trends to predict how the interest rates will change across global or national bank.


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