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MBA Out of Brazil for Free

What? That's right? In times of dollar stratospheric values, than this crazy are you talking about? Crazy or genius? The difference is subtle ... judge for yourself.

Come on ...

The summary of the print media, visual and digital is simple: it's not easy for anybody. With the dollar beyond $ 4, embark on an adventure of an MBA two years outside of Brazil is almost a joke of a milhãozinho. Scary, isn't it? And, at the same time, the search for this kind of course didn't.

But what happens? Only millionaires will behind this enterprise? Far from it. Despite the high costs, the return on investment offered by the experience is still quite attractive (in the main schools, the average is that you recover your investment in 4-5 years).

And if you can take advantage of the tools that can help you relieve that bar, the Bill gets even better. Most people already know that there are some institutions that can provide scholarships, being the best-known Fundação Estudar Lemann Foundation. Universities also assist the contract through financing plans with rates friendly enough.

Now, what not everyone knows is that there is a third way to get a hand in the financial field, which are called Graduate Assistantships.

What is it?

A fund reserved for the school to encourage students to want to opt for educational institution in question. That is, a scholarship that covers both the cost of teaching as the cost of housing. In some schools this support reaches 100% of the costs. This MBA for free the post title.

How do you get?

You don't have to do anything for him. It will be allocated on the basis of meritocracy and how the College wants you to be a student of them. Therefore, ensure a strong application (good GMAT, TOEFL, professional experience and essays) is where you should invest your time. Oh, and as the pot of money is finite, who subscribes before, has a greater chance of receiving part of the cake.

But then it's a matter of luck?

Don't. It's a matter of merit and, above all, a question of what the school is looking for at that moment. For example, talking with the head of Purdue's admission, he commented that the Brazilians that are approved are strong candidates to receive this scholarship, in some value (#ficaadica). That's because they have an interest in increasing the number of students from our small town Christmas. One thing that you can do to increase your chances is to identify which schools have a low rate of births compared to the other nationalities. How to find out? Talk, talk, talk. And google, of course.

In General, for most popular universities (where there are several Brazilians applying and being approved), this graduate assistantship makes no sense. The reason is simple: they do not need it to attract and retain top talent. Now the universities that are not as known to us, they need to try harder. And they do.

Therefore, if the cost of an MBA is an important factor or hinder you, be sure to look at some lesser-known universities. They can become a pleasant surprise and provide an even better ROI than the best ranking.

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