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MBA Projects in Systems

MBA projects encourage students to engage in a real-life business situation to research and understand a potential problem and generate and suggest a possible solution to this problem. Projects that focus on systems engage the different business areas, which are used in the course of business transactions. Although there are hundreds of different concrete projects an MBA students can engage in, these projects can be divided into four different types.

Study on Customers

An MBA systems project focusing on customers would analyze and assess business systems used by customers in their interaction with the business community. Such a project would try to first define the interactive process, then evaluate this process, highlighting positive and negative elements, before offering proposals on how to solve the problems and stresses strengths. Some examples of specific foci of systems project focusing on the customers could be an analysis of a company's website, in-business interactive tools such as touchscreen panels or even customer navigation in the business space.

Study on Employees

Just as important as customers in the successful operation of a business are the employees, serving customers. An MBA systems project focusing on employees would engage the systems used by the employees in their efforts to work with and support customers. These systems include things such as cash registers, cataloging and accounting tools and employee break room. As an MBA student analyzes and evaluates specific employee groups systems should focus in the study of improving the productivity of employees.

Study on Education

Often the things that prevent most employees in the performance of their job is the training they did or did not receive before starting on their position. An MBA systems project focusing on employee training requires the students to identify the training process from start to finish, including a detailed analysis of benchmarks or stages of the training procedure, the employee must navigate when she is trained in the company's procedures. As with a survey of the employees, a MBA students analyze and evaluate specific training procedures should keep an eye toward how to improve these procedures to increase efficiency and productivity.

Study of the Management

Popular among many MBA students who want to make a quick transition from students to manager, MBA systems projects, focusing on management look at the variety of systems managers use to maintain structure of a productive workforce. These systems include things such as timesheet systems, employee communications equipment (computers, intercoms) and even administrative space. An MBA-systems analysis of management should first identify whether certain arrangements are necessary and then offer suggestions on how to improve the management interactions with staff to create a positive collaboration.


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