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Malta: Political System

Malta is a republic in the Commonwealth. The unicameral parliament consists of 65, maximum 69 members (bonus rule), who are elected every five years. The head of state is also elected every five years by parliament.

Malta: Political System

According to, the official name of the country is:

Repubblika ta´ Malta

Republic of Malta

National anthem

Based on flag descriptions by, L-Innu Malti (The Anthem of Malta) has been the national anthem of Malta since 1945. The Maltese text comes from Dun Karm Psaila, the English translation is also reproduced here because it suggests the beauty of the original Maltese text, which hardly a stranger would understand. May Butcher wrote the English lyric version. Robert Sammut composed the music.

Malta flag and coat of arms

In English translation it reads

To this sweet land, our mother, to which we owe our name,

Guard her, Lord God, like always you have guarded,

Remember her, which you have clothed with light.

Give, Great God, intellect to whom who governs,

Give mercy to the proprietor, and strength to the workman,

To let us serve upright, true and faithful, a united people, Maltese, and in peace.

English lyric version

Guard here, O Lord, as ever Thou hast guarded!

This Motherland so dear whose name we bear!

Keep her in mind, whom you've made so fair!

May he who rules, for wisdom be regarded!

In master mercy, strength in man increase!

Confirm us all, in unity and peace!

And in the English translation

Protect it, O Lord, as you have always protected it,

this motherland, this good one, whose name we bear!

Keep in mind that you created so beautifully!

May he who rules be respected for his wisdom.

Under the grace of the Lord strength grow in man.

Strengthen us all in unity and peace!


Some famous people

Architects and builders

Gerolamo Cassar (1520-1586)

Architect of the Maltese Renaissance and Pre-Baroque.

His ancestors came to Malta from Sicily around 1440. After the siege of Malta in 1565, he was involved in rebuilding the destroyed fortresses and building the fortress city of Valletta.

Tumas Dingli (1591 - 1666)

Architect of the Maltese Renaissance and Pre-Baroque Times

Tumas Dingli was born in Malta on December 22, 1591 and is considered one of the last Renaissance architects in Malta.

He designed some parish churches on the island, including the parish church of St. Mary in Attard.

He died on January 28, 1666 and found his final resting place in the planned church of St. Mary in Attard on Malta.

Lorenzo Gaf (1630 -1704)

He is considered one of the most important Baroque architects of Malta. His work includes the Baroque Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Mdina on Malta from 1702 and the Church of Nicholas Siġġiewi from 1693.

Other churches belonging to him are the Collegiate Church of St. Paul in Rabat on Malta from 1683 and St. Paul's Shipwreck Church in Valletta - one of the oldest churches in the city.

Visual artist

Giuseppe Cali (1846-1930)

the most famous Maltese painter is considered to be the founder of the modern school of Maltese painting.

Antonio Sciortino (1879-1947)


Writer and poet

Dun Karm Psaila (1871-1961)

The monk wrote the national anthem of Malta.


Wolfgang Philipp Guttenberg (1647 -1733)

The knight is considered to be the first historian of Malta and a benefactor of the Maltese population.

Giorgio Preca (1880-1962)

Catholic priest. In the words of the Pope, he had devoted his life entirely to evangelization.

He founded the "Society of Christian Doctrine" (Societas Doctrinae Christianae). He was on June 3, 2007 by Pope Benedict XVI. canonized.


Agatha Barbara (1924-2002)

Agatha Barbara first worked as a teacher before joining the Labor Party in 1946. Already in 1947 had run for parliamentary elections and was the first female member of parliament from 1947 to 1982.

In the cabinet of Dom Mintoff she was from March 11, 1955 to April 26, 1958 was a member of the government as Minister of Education, where she had campaigned for a permanent introduction of compulsory education. Hundreds of teachers were hired and trained during this campaign. Because of her criticism of the influence of the colonial power Great Britain and because of calling a strike, she was arrested and sentenced to 43 days in prison.

In the second Mintoff cabinet she was again Minister for Education from June 21, 1971 to September 30, 1974, and immediately afterwards Minister for Labor, Culture and Welfare.

From 1982 to 1987 she was President of Malta, the first woman to hold this office.

The following table includes all seven presidents and the two women presidents of Malta since 1974 - until then Queen Elizabeth II was the formal head of state. In addition, the two unelected and only temporarily active.

Thereafter, the last Governor General Sir Anthony Mamo became the first President of Malta.

Surname Term of office Political party Life dates
Sir Anthony Joseph Mamo 13.12. 1974 - December 27. 1976 independent 1909-2008
Anton Buttiġieġ 27.12. 1976 - December 27. 1981 Labor Party 1912-1983
Albert Hyzler (acting) 27.12. 1981 - February 15 1982 Labor Party 1916-1993
Agatha Barbara 15.2. 1982 - February 15 1987 Labor Party 1923-2002
Paul Xuereb (acting) 15.2. 1987 - 4.4. 1987 Labor Party 1923-1994
Ċensu tabones 4.4. - 1989 - 4.4. 1994 Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) 1913-2012
Ugo Mifsud Bonniċi 4.4. 1994 - 4.4. 1999 Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) 1932-
Guido de Marco 4.4. 1999 - 4.4. 2004 Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) 1931-2010
Edward Fenech Adami 4.4. 2004 - 4.4. 2009 Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) 1934-
George Abela 4.4. 2009 - 4.4. 2014 Labor Party 1948-
Marie Louise Coleiro Preca 4.4. 2014 - officiating Labor Party 1958-

prime minister

Name of the prime minister Term of office Political party Life dates
Paul Boffa 4.11. 1947 - September 26, 1950 Labor Party 1890-1962
Enrico Mizzi 26.9. 1950-20.12. 1950 Partito Nazzionalista (PN) 1885-1950
George Borġ Olivier December 20 1950 - 11.3. 1955 Partito Nazzionalista (PN) 1911-1980
Dom Mintoff 11.3. 1955 - April 26th 1958 Labor Party 1916-2012
George Borġ Olivier 3.3. 1962 - 21.6. 1971 Partito Nazzionalista (PN) 1911-1980
Dom Mintoff 21.6. 1971 - December 22. 1984 Labor Party 1916-2012
Carmelo Mifsud Bonniċi 22.12. 1984 - May 12. 1987 Partito Nazzionalista (PN) 1932-
Edward Fenech Adami 12.5. 1987 - October 28. 1996 Partito Nazzionalista (PN) 1934-
Alfred Sant 28.10. 1996 - 6.9. 1998 Labor Party 1948-
Edward Fenech Adami 6.9. 1998 - 23.3. 2004 Partito Nazzionalista (PN) 1934-
Lawrence Gonzi 23.3. 2004 - 11.3. 2013 Partito Nazzionalista (PN 1953-
Joseph Muscat from 11.3. 2013 - acting Labor Party 1974-


The office of Prime Minister (Prime Minister) was vacant between November 2, 1933 and November 4, 1947 and between April 26, 1958 and March 3, 1962.






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