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List of MBA Colleges in Missouri

List of MBA Colleges in Missouri

Welcome to the top MBA directory in Missouri. We have created the list of best Missouri business colleges that provide BBA, MBA or DBA programs. Most business schools offer full-time, part-time and executive education. Such rankings are based on the student surveys, alumni reviews, admissions profiles, employment rates, average starting salary and peer school assessment. To find out detailed information about admissions and career about each school in Missouri, just follow the link below.
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Missouri [mizuʹri], abbreviated MO, State of the Midwest, USA; 180 546 km2, 6.1 million residents (2018).Missouri is located west of the Mississippi River and on both sides of its tributary of the Missouri River. The capital is Jefferson City. Check abbreviationfinder for more abbreviations of Missouri as well as other acronyms that have the same abbreviation like Missouri. Visit topschoolsoflaw for top law colleges in Missouri.

Missouri. State Map.


Missouri has a very varied topography. The area north of the Missouri River has been covered by inland ice, and the landscape today is a slightly undulating, fertile and low-lying prairie. The forested Ozark plateau south of the river is more hilly with rounded hills, which southeast of Springfield reaches up to 532 m asl. At the far southeast is a small part of the Mississippi River plain.

The climate in Missouri is markedly continental. Saint Louis has an average temperature in January of just under 0 C and in July of +26 C. The city's annual rainfall is just over 1,000 mm. The southern parts of Missouri get slightly higher rainfall.


Missouri's population has increased steadily since the early 1900s, but at a lower rate than the nation as a whole. Of the population, 12 percent are black, mainly residing in Saint Louis and Kansas City. These two cities host 55 percent of the state's population. Other important cities are Springfield, the capital of the Ozark area, and the educational district of Columbia.

Missouri Population 2020


Missouri, which extends from the corn belt in the north to the cotton belt in the south, has a varied agricultural production. The most important crop is soybeans, followed by corn, wheat and other cereals. Animal production and the forest industry (on the Ozark Plateau) are also significant.

Most of the US lead comes from Missouri. Other mining products are zinc, limestone and refractory clay. The versatile industry is primarily located in the metropolitan areas of Saint Louis and Kansas City. The aerospace, aerospace and automotive industries play a major role, and the food, leather and chemical industries are also important.

The location has made Missouri an important transportation hub, from the new construction era to today's road, rail and air traffic with Saint Louis as a major hub for domestic flights. River traffic on the Mississippi River and the Missouri River are also significant.

Tourism and gastronomy

The central location in the United States makes the state a significant transport hub. The main destinations are the metropolitan cities of Saint Louis and Kansas City.

Missouri. Saint Louis is one of the state's most visited cities. The old courthouse (completed in 1864) and Gateway Ach (inaugurated in 1967) are both memorials of the country's expansion to the west.

However, tourism in the Ozark area in the south is of the greatest importance for the regional economy. Visitors are attracted by the opportunities for fishing and hunting as well as great nature experiences.

The Ozark National Park National Scenic Riverways as well as the farther northwest of Lake of the Ozarks are major sights. Missouri also has interesting monuments from colonial times. There are old trading stations and forts and museums, etc., which give visitors historical insights into the conditions during the great emigration to the west. The most famous individual monument is the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis. From Missouri, the major emigrant trails were the Oregon Trail, California Trail and Santa F Trail, as well as the Pony Express, which has its museum in Saint Joseph north of Kansas City.

Here in the middle of the corn belt is the corn with bread, puddings, salads and desserts. The pig meat has a dominant place, stuffed pork chops (stuffed pork chops), pork sausage and pork with sauerkraut (pork with sauerkraut) also shows a German / Eastern European influence. But other features are also noticed; here you can be served chow-chow, mixed vegetables that may have been named by the Chinese workers who pulled out the railway.

Gastronomic local patriotism is taking a turn for the worse in Missouri; It is claimed that both hamburgers and hot dogs (hot dogs) come from here and that this is where you invented the potato salad with mayonnaise.


Missouri was a French possession from the 1680s, belonged to 1763-1800 Spain, and in 1803 moved from France to the United States as part of the so-called Louisiana Purchase. In 1812, Missouri became territory and in 1821 the state, defined as a slave state in the Missouri Compromise. However, slavery was never of great magnitude, and during the Civil War Missouri remained in the Union. Agriculture was the most important industry together with the river trade. Missouri was also the gateway to the west with Saint Louis and Independence as the starting points.

During the 20th century, Missouri has undergone urbanization and industrialization. Politically, Democrats have usually dominated until the 1970s, but since then have been even with Republicans.

Missouri MBA Universities





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