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Montserrat: Political System

Montserrat has been a crown colony of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1632 and has had "internal autonomy" since 1960. A constitution has existed since 1989. The head of state is the Queen or King of Great Britain. The representative of the Queen or the King is a governor. The head of government is the island's chief minister, while the island's parliament is the 11-member legislative council.

Montserrat: Political System

National anthem

Based on flag descriptions by, the National Anthem of Montserrat is the national anthem of Great Britain, the first stanza of which reads as follows:

  • God save our gracious Queen,
  • Long live our noble Queen,
  • God save the Queen!
  • Send her victorious,
  • Happy and glorious,
  • Long to reign over us;
  • God save the Queen!

Montserrat flag and coat of arms

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