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Now Is The Time To Prepare For Your MBA

The Christmas tree was saved, the Carnival ended and supermarkets began presenting his first Easter eggs. There's no way. It's time to step up and assume the year officially began.

It's almost March. That first round of registration for the gringo that seemed so distant universities is only 6 months away. So, if you have claims to be part of the class of 2017, the time to start preparing didn't yet – is now.

"But there's still time! The themes of the essays of colleges or were divugados yet! " Fact.

However there are many things that you can/should do:

1) Ensure your note on the GMAT. I know, it's obvious, isn't it? But the fact is that most people who come to talk to me you still don't have the note you need. With 720 you will be in the top 10% of the candidates and on average for top schools. As a reference:

  1. GMAT 720 to infinity-Harvard, Wharton, Stanford and Booth
  2. 710-720 GMAT – NYU, Berkeley, Columbia, MIT, Tuck, Kellogg

It is worth noting that these measures apply to students in General, Latin Americans have an average slightly lower, as well as women. Most people will have to make more of a testament to reach these results. So, if you didn't pass, fear not. Is in excellent company.

Can't get the note? In addition to online courses, there are private tutors for help with this evidence. Run that fast auction their agenda. And remember that the GMAT is only one of the criteria to be evaluated.

2) TOEFL -the note required varies from 100 to 110. In comparison to the GMAT, TOEFL ends up being easy. Then focus the study on GMAT and, once you've got your note, take a few days to understand the proof of TOEFL.

3) Set your CV in English. Every University will ask for it. A page. In English. Action verbs. Without false modesty. Measurable results when possible. Since your CV was excellent, enjoy and update your linkedin too.

4) Self-awareness. MBA is a high investment of time, energy and money. Why do you want to invest in it? What impact do you want to create? As MBA fit in to all this? Every school is going to ask you this. Do not allow to make these questions only when you have to write them in newsrooms.

5) Verify that there are no gaps in your resume. You say you want to be a great leader after MBA, but never led or a trainee? Hmmmm .... so how do you know that would like to be a great leader?

Why not use the time between now and the date of the first round to create some sort of experience that have to do with search? Become leader of the basketball team of his club, lead the marketing of that NGO near your House, ask your boss to lead that project that nobody wants in their work. Anyway, show what you're saying is consistent with your experiences demonstrated

6) Do your homework about the schools. Talk to alumni, crack the site, participate in University events, visit schools. The schools want to see that you understand why they are special. Can say specifically why that school is exactly what you need to achieve your goals. And, Additionally, think about how you can help with that school.

Or you were bored, waiting for time to pass to be able to enroll in colleges, your problems are over! You have at least 6 tips on how to prepare in advance for your imminent MBA!

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