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Online MBA Studies

Admittedly, it is certainly not quite that simple, because no matter whether face-to-face or online studies - a degree always means work. But what is correct in any case is the fact that the starting signal for online studies can really be given at the click of a mouse, because: The flexibility of online studies is probably the greatest advantage. What other advantages there are, who can benefit, but also what temptations entice you on your way through online lecture halls should be the subject of this article.

These target groups benefit from the advantages of online studies

The group of those who can benefit the most from an online study are all those who are already in the middle of life. That can mean

  • that a family has already been founded.
  • that a permanent job already ensures the standard of living.
  • that an apprenticeship or even a Bachelor’s degree has already been completed.

Online MBA StudiesAll the conditions that structurally or financially do not allow you to attend a presence university, which wave very impressively with the sign and thus also with the option "online study". Even those who did not complete their studies in the first attempt sometimes take advantage of this second chance for an academic degree. In doing so, online studies should never be understood as a study “on the side”, because it is far from it. However, it should be seen as an opportunity for those who do not have the flexibility to attend seminars and lectures at a presence university.

The approach to the scientific content that is on the schedule on the way to an MBA is somewhat different: Instead of learning special topics in a seminar and listening to the basics of the topic in lectures, much more initiative is required. Much of the content is taught here through self-study. Online seminars, tutorials and forums complete the path to an MBA.

How popular are the degree programs?

In response to this question, the thumb clearly goes up, because: Since online distance learning courses are generally very popular (flexibility is also important here), online courses are particularly popular with those interested in further training. Graduates appreciate the option of not being pulled out of the job again and still having an academic degree on top.

In terms of content, the online version of the MBA course is certainly in no way inferior to the classic course of study. In the MBA ranking, the Business School's online MBA course came in 14th - in a global comparison. With 96 out of 100 points for the study quality and the full number of points for the variety of studies, there is really little to complain about at this point.

The part-time course can be done in the evening or online

With the option to choose whether the MBA should be completed part-time (similar to an evening university or part-time variant) or as a classic online course, anyone interested can find the right form of study. For whom, which option is suitable, this brief compilation reveals:

The part-time variant is suitable for this target group Online studies are suitable for this target group
Those who are so flexible professionally / privately that one or even more evening appointments can be made during the week can choose the part-time option at the on-site university. Those who find it difficult to motivate themselves and need a regular appointment in the calendar to keep themselves busy to devote to further training - this is well advised with the evening option Anyone who can acquire content well through self-study is a suitable candidate for online study; anyone who likes to learn from books or digital templates will find the right study concept when studying online; whoever brings a lot of commitment and initiative and has a degree in MBA with the online version is well advised.

The dangers lurk on the online route to an MBA

All in all, it is the temptations of the Internet that have to be resisted.

  • No matter if the email reminder spreads on the screen,
  • whether the social media platform attracts interesting news from the community,
  • whether the online game wants to animate to the next level
  • or whether online betting providers draw attention to themselves with worthwhile odds,

all these points are seductions of the Internet that must be resisted. Everyone has to decide for themselves which way is the best.

These tips have already been tried in practice:

1.) The time reserved for studying must be given a clear place in the calendar in order to successfully complete the MBA. The universities usually tell directly how much time that will be. It is advisable to integrate self-study into the daily routine in the same way as, for example, work or going to kindergarten (where the youngsters are supervised in the morning, for example). Fixed rituals help to resist the temptations of the Internet.

2.) During the study period, which must be scheduled clearly during the day, all communication channels are "offline". This does not only mean that the messenger function is switched off, but also that the smartphone, telephone and doorbell are ideally switched off or muted. Those who do not even hear or see that something exciting is happening are less drawn to the distractions.

3.) If you want, you can use chatting, the online game or the online bet as a reward. As a rule, this works in such a way that you can switch to online pleasure as soon as the prescribed learning ration has been completed.





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