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Qatar: Political System

Qatar has been an emirate, i.e. a hereditary monarchy, since 1822. The state organs are a consultative assembly, a cabinet of ministers and a consultative council for local affairs. Qatar has had a new constitution since 2005, which provides for a parliament of 45 members. Two thirds of the parliamentarians are elected for four years, one third is appointed by the emir, who still has the highest decision-making power.

Qatar: Political System

Emir HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, who was head of state of Qatar from 1995 to 2013, had not only brought immense wealth to the state, but also founded the very critical TV station Al Jazeera (November 1, 1996), through which he's still holding his protecting hand!

According to, the official name of the country is:

State of Qatar

National anthem

The national anthem of Qatar The national anthem of Qatar has been the song “Long live the Emir” since 1996, on the occasion of the accession to the throne of the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Chalifa Al Thani (born 1952), the text of which was written by Sheikh Mubarak bin Saif Al Thani (born 1953) has been. The music was composed by Abdul Aziz Nasser Obaidan (born 1952).

In Arabic language In the English translation
Swearing by God who erected the sky

Swearing by God who spread the light

Qatar will always be free

Sublimed by the souls of the sinceres

Precede thou on the manners of the ascendants

And advance on Prophet's guidance

In my heart,

Qatar is an epic of glory and dignity

Qatar is land of the early men

Who protect us at time of distress,

Doves they can be at times of peace,

Warriors they are at times of sacrifice

National flag

Based on flag descriptions by, the national flag (country flag) of Qatar was adopted on July 9, 1971.

Qatar flag and coat of arms

Qatar: sightseeing

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Archaeological Sites of Al Zubarah

Zubarah is an old and now abandoned city on the northwest coast of the peninsula - about 105 km from the capital Doha.

Zubarah was once a thriving fishing and trading port halfway between the Strait of Hormuz and the western part of the Persian Gulf. The local fort is almost square in shape with thick, high walls. There are round watchtowers at three of the corners, while the fourth has a rectangular shape. It is one of the largest and best preserved examples of an 18th and 19th century fort in this region. The fort was still used for military purposes until the mid-1980s, and an archaeological museum founded by Sheikh Abdullah Bin Jassim Al-Thai has been in the vicinity since 1938.

The archaeological sites of Al Zubara became the first World Heritage Site of Qatar in June 2013 added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Cities in Qatar


Doha is the capital of Qatar. Around 400,000 people live in Doha - a modern metropolis that a few decades ago was a poor settlement. Today the city by the sea is one of the most beautiful in the region.

The 17th World Athletics Championships took place here from September 27 to October 6, 2019.


Ar-Rayyan is about 35 km west of Doha. The city has about 390,000 residents and is gradually growing together with Doha.

Al Khor

The city has around 32,000 residents and is located around 50 km north of Doha on a shallow natural harbor.

Special buildings and structures

National Library

The country's national library was designed by the Japanese Arata Isozaki (born 1931) in the form of a floating spaceship. The museum is supported by three hardly visible pillars. In Berlin he designed the building for the Berliner Volksbank on Potsdamer Platz.

Souq Waqif in Doha

In the Souq Waqif in Doha, the traditional market area, you can buy anything imaginable. In addition to fabrics, food, cosmetics and furniture, there is also a separate area for gold.

Central Market

The Doha Central Market is located near the industrial area. In the individual market halls, fruit, vegetables, fish and meat as well as traditional objects such as water pipes, mats made of palm fibers, incense burners, etc.

Royal Al-Shabaq Stud

In Al-Rayyan is the Royal Al-Shabaq Stud, where many of the most beautiful and valuable Arabian horses are bred.

Fort of Doha

The fort was built in 1925. It has a beautiful inner courtyard, which is decorated with stucco work and arches. The fort was once used as a prison. Today you can visit the fort.

Qalit Marir Fortress

The Qalit Marir Fortress can be found in Zubara. This "city" is a ruined city on the northwest coast of the country - just over 100 km from Doha.


National Museum

The National Museum of Qatar is located in Doha and is housed in a former royal palace. The building houses a collection on the country's tradition and culture.

In an adjacent building you can find out about the country's archaeological past.

The marine section shows traditional seafaring, pearl diving and marine fauna.

Weapons Museum

In this museum in Doha you can see curved daggers, rifles, swords, spears and cannons from all over the world.

Museum of Islamic Arts

Museum of Islamic Arts, opened in 2008, is located in Dona. It was designed by the American architect of Chinese descent Ieoh Ming Pei (born 1917).


library Originally a university library was planned. But then it was decided to set up a national and unvisibility library (Qatar National Library).

The plans for the building in Doha come from the Dutch star architect Rem Kolhaas (born 1944). The library, which was opened in 2015, contains 1.2 million items.

The library is located in the "Education City" - a new district built on the outskirts of Doha according to plans by the Japanese architect Arata Isozak (born 1931).

Al Jazeera (Al Jazeera)

Qatar is home to the most famous and only independent TV and news channel for the Arab and Muslim countries - although it belongs to the Emir of Qatar. The station, which was founded on November 1, 1996, reported and reports on bin Laden with personal messages from him, as well as on the Iraq war or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He also repeatedly criticized the autocratic regimes in the Middle East and asked questions about the oppression of women, with dissidents from Syria, Iraq and Egypt having their say as well as Israeli spokesmen and even Ariel Sharon, who was hated during his lifetime. His live reports from the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt have been a great moment in recent times.

The station has around 3,000 employees, but only 100 of them work in Doha.


There are over 700 mosques in Qatar. The most important are:

Wahhab Central Mosque

This newly built mosque is located in Doha and offers space for around 30,000 worshipers.

Great Mosque

The most famous mosque in the country is the Great Mosque in Doha with several domes.


The Abu-Bakir-al-Siddig-Mosque, which is also located in Doha, is very worth seeing.

Qartar Pearl

Qartar Pearl is an artificially raised peninsula of around 400 hectares. The peninsula is located approx. 20 km north of Doha Airport - and approx. 11 km northeast of the center of Doha.

On the peninsula there are expensive villas, row houses and larger apartment buildings, three five-star luxury hotels, schools, kindergartens, a row of shops, a shopping mall and numerous restaurants. Also as well as mosques for a total of 30,000 people. There are also three marinas for yachts:

Porto Arabia, Costa Malaz, and Viva Bahriya.

Football stadiums

Al-Khor Stadium

The Al-Khor Stadium or Al-Khawr Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Al Khor. So far mainly football matches and light athletics competitions have taken place here. The stadium has a capacity of around 16,000 spectators.

Since the stadium will be one of the venues for the soccer World Cup in 2022, a new building for 45,120 seats is planned at this point. As a result, the old stadium will be demolished. The local new building is intended to be reminiscent of a seashell and enable spectators in the west stand to look out over the Arabian Gulf from their seats.

Ahmed bin Ali Stadium

The Ahmed bin Ali Stadium in Ar-Rayyan is the home stadium of the Al-Rayyan Sports Club, which was founded in 1967 through the merger of the old Rayyan club with the Nusoor Club. The stadium, which opened in 2002, has a capacity of around 21,280 spectators.

Natural beauties

Palm Island

In the bay of Doha is the small " Palm Island", which can be reached in a few minutes by boat. From there you have a good view of the Doha skyline. The island also has beautiful beaches, gardens, restaurants and a cafe.

Ras Umm Saa

peninsula The Ras Umm Saa peninsula is also called the mangrove peninsula. In the bays of the island there are whole forests of salt-resistant mangrove trees. Numerous migratory birds rest there in winter and spring.

Doha harbor

The port of Doha is divided into an old and a new port. In the old port are the Arab wooden ships, also called dhows, which are used for fishing, trading and pearl diving. The modern freighters and container ships call at the new port.






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