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Saint Paul School of Business

The little one is showing MBAs did not come to play supporting.

With only 14 years in the education market (practically a baby, compared to institutions with FGV, D. Cabral, Coppead), Saint Paul School of Business knows you're getting at. Currently number seven ranking in the Financial Times (FT) of the best business schools in Latin America, its goal is to become number one. That simple.

This is an ambitious goal. But the seriousness of the course, standard faculty, contact with national and international markets shows that they are on track. The DNA says a lot. Its founder, José Cláudio Securato is the son of José Roberto Securato, professor of FEA and one of the creators of the FIA. In this case, like father like son.

Having started as a financial advisory consulting in 1996, Saint Paul then created a publishing house in 1998, began with the pillar of in-company courses in 2002 and only in 2005 started to open courses.

Reinforcing its origins, its portfolio of courses is distinguished mainly by the focus on finances. The novelty is the MBA in Management and Leadership which will begin on May 13 this year (still open enrollment). Created four hands with ESMT, 11 the world school's executive education ranking FT, the curriculum aims to provide not only the soft skills traditionally related to leadership, but also a solid base of technical knowledge (competitive strategies, marketing & branding the management of growth, innovation and change

The idea of this course is to train better leaders in decision-making. And they are not kidding. I was scared and - at the same time - very impressed by the average failure rate in the institution's courses: around 30%. If you do not meet the requirements, it will not pass. That is, if you are seeking an MBA simply to have a new stamp on your resume, this is not the right place. Here you will have to grate, vulgar, study and learn.

This academic rigor is well regarded by the market and valued by students. Proof of this is that the school has the highest rate of repeat students, around 25%. This rate is also influenced by the fact that any student or former student to make new courses at subsidized prices, a huge incentive to continuing education.

In short, it is a modern institution, competitive and highly committed an international standard of education. The more traditional schools that take care!

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