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Too Old for a MBA? 4 Tips to Circumvent This Obstacle

You have 30-something years. For all intents and purposes, is in his prime. For an MBA outside Brazil, you're on edge and, possibly, too old. At least, that's the general perception. She gives?

If we analyze the data of 2015, the average of the major American universities is 27-28 years, and 80% of the students are between 25-30 years. Namely, thirty-something is in fact hanging to the skinny side of the normal curve. But 20 percent is not negligible. There's always room for exceptional people. And, if you have 30-something, you better be really exceptional. This, in addition to having a extremely clear vision (and convincing and inspiring) of why an MBA make sense right now.

Demonstrate the vision of how an MBA fits in their plans is critical because many of the universities that offer the traditional course of 2 years, also have an accelerated, focused on more mature professionals. Yes, "ripe" is the politically correct version of call us thirty something and above.

Having been designed for professionals who have no interest in stopping of work to take the course, Executive MBAs occur in two main formats. The first combines distance learning with some face-to-face modules throughout the year. The second occurs through weekly classes at the end of the day (after work hours) and on the weekends. For the sake of ease and cost, the first option is more attractive to non-us students.

This is a good alternative for those who cannot or do not want to leave their current occupations. The downside is the lack of everyday living that often results in a network of relationships more solid.

In addition to the traditional programs, Executive MBA programs Europeans are known to have an average of age a little taller. But the reality is that the difference is quite small, around 29 years, with a few schools (such as HEC and IMD) has the media age above 30.

That is, if you have more than 30 years, you're going to be the minority. This is not necessarily bad, but it will require a great effort on your part to show how this maturity can help in the mix of students.

Now, if executives or European MBAs aren't your thing, fear not. The following four strategies for you increase your chances of getting in your MBA.

Tips for Candidates above 30 Years

1) If the dream is the traditional full-time programme of two years, is an excellent candidate. That means high GMAT, proven leadership experience, examples of prior success and above all a clear vision of what is to attain in the future.

2) This clear vision of the future, show how you'll achieve your career plans. One of the criteria that determines the position of the school in the rankings is the level of employability of its students graduate MBA. The general perception is that hiring a young man of 27 is easier than one of 35 (either because he would accept a lower wage, either because he would be willing to devote more hours to have more flexibility). Show that you will not be a problem for the College Careers Center. Communicate your plan of how to get a job in a clear and forceful.

3) Pro-actively explain why this is the perfect time for you to do the MBA, selling your additional experience as a differentiator. Don't let them speculate you fumbled in their plans.

4) – test your their essays and interviews – involvement in different communities and their interest in contributing to the University community. One of the concerns in the selection of candidates is to create the ideal mix, which will be able to interact, support and, consequently, create enduring communities. A seizure in relation to more mature candidates is that they wouldn't get so involved with colleagues (for they have family, they don't find so funny in a bunch of people of 20-something). Show that this unfounded.

In summary, if you are of the age to the Milkybar still called Lolo, need not despair. Follow the tips above and go be the Daddy of class happy and contented!

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