A “Daring” Apple: Phil Schiller Speaks about Some Decisions Delicate with John Gruber

John Gruber, known veteran techie who manages web Daring Fireball, has had the opportunity of interviewing Phil Schiller in his podcast The Talk Show. The chapter has not yet released, but on The verge have been able to collect some excerpts of what the Apple Executive reviewed.

Gruber has not cut a hair and asked Schiller the reasons upon which Apple remains, for example, selling devices with only 8 or 16 GB of storage When are iOS applications increasingly large. The excuse that has put Phil is that of data storage in the cloud, allowing that we can gradually dispense with local storage.

“I want a bold Apple, taking risks”

In addition, if the trend continues, Apple can devote more effort to improve other components of devices like the camera instead of devoting more space to memory chips. And speaking of space: another question which has been made is that of why Apple is still slimming the iPhone when already it is extremely thin and There are who would prefer to keep the dimensions in Exchange for one greater battery. This has been the response of Schiller:

A thicker and with a larger battery product also weighs more, is more expensive and takes longer to load. We value all thicknesses, all weights and all measures to find the requirements that have. There, I think that we have done large elections.

And with regard to all commitments that come with your new Macbook, which we can only connect a cable, Phil He advocates an Apple “taking risks” and “pushing the world towards the future” against go throwing “incremental models”. They did so with the floppy, are doing with optical discs and it seems that they have no intention of stopping there.