Apple Is Preparing a Major Expansion of Its Infratestructuras, Just in Time for The Arrival of Its Music Service

We carry a few months with news on how data centers and other infrastructures of Apple are expanding grows the demand and data traffic between all the services of the company. But according to Bloomberg, all what we have seen so far may be little compared with plans that Apple has in the future.

Among those plans would further strengthen the distribution network of content that Apple debuted with the release of iOS 8, connecting the most important company data centers with fiber optic cable. The company would also change servers installed in their data centers by other self-made.

You don’t want to do it 100%, but the idea of Apple is to stop relying on both third party to maintain its communications infrastructure

The key is, above all, stop relying on both other companies. That has already been achieved with own content distribution network, but servers that Apple used are HP and switches that populate the datacenters are Cisco. We are not talking about nor a total susticucion of that hardware of third parties or the return of something like the Xserve in stores: all of this development is internal. Among other things, Bloomberg speaks of a switch developed and manufactured entirely in Apple that will operate under free software.

It is not a coincidence that this news appears just as the rumors about Apple Music and a service to view contents of televisions are boiling. Both possibilities would entail a rise of enormous traffic from Apple servers, without counting any new icloud saying at the WWDC. Apple has prepared well, but need to be more prepared.