As the Falcon Pro is Trying to Escape the Limit of 100 Thousand Users of Twitter API

Falcon Pro, one of the good customers of Twitter for Android, reached in less than three months the limit of 100 thousand users of the new rules of the API. So if a person had not used the Falcon Pro and previously installed the client now, could not log in .But the application developer managed to find a way to escape this limit.

The idea is simple. Developers need to register their applications for a unique access key, which allows reading and writing data on Twitter. This key identifies the application and makes Twitter can limit the number of users. But any person can register your own application on

What the developer of Falcon Pro did was allow users to enter their own access key customer. So, Twitter thinks it is a new application. Thus, the log does not count in the limit of 100 thousand users.

Previously, the Falcon Pro was paid, but now it can be downloaded for free on this page. The ability to replace the access key is an easter egg: you have to touch the four corners of the screen, tap the orange square to clear it, and then shake the device. Ready! A button will appear and you can enter your data.

Of course, Twitter should not be enjoying any of this idea, but so far the social network has not commented officially on the subject. We do not know if there is a way to Twitter block this kind of thing; if not, it’s likely that we will see more dissatisfied developers putting this functionality into their applications.