Cities and Resorts in Massachusetts

By | May 1, 2022

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The Cape Cod Peninsula is located in southeastern Massachusetts and was one of the first places to be settled by the British. Picturesque cities, beautiful beaches and windswept dunes are the hallmarks of the peninsula today. The Atlantic waves here against a stretch of coast lined with flashing lighthouses. Stroll through Sandwich, Cape Cod’s oldest town, which with its many idyllic fishing huts, charming restaurants and its old harbor is certainly a highlight of the island. Also OceanQuest, a boat tour operator in Woods Hole, where you can learn a lot about the marine life, Provincetown with its colorful houses and the famous island of Marthas Vineyard are places not to be missed when visiting.

There are many ways you can spend your vacation on Cape Cod. How about z. B. with a whale watching tour? Since there are many whales in the area around the peninsula, Cape Cod is also one of the best places to see the gentle giants. Due to its location, Cape Cod is of course also ideally suited for long canoe and kayak tours, boat trips or fishing adventures. A very special highlight is when you fly over the peninsula by helicopter and look at Cape Cod from above. But those looking for relaxation will also find what they are looking for on Cape Cod, because on the long sandy beaches you can relax in the summer and enjoy a swim in the Atlantic waters.

Cape Cod highlights

  • OceanQuest
    With many different themed trips on its ships, OceanQuest offers a great opportunity to learn more about marine life and the history of Cape Cod and to experience a real highlight on the water.
  • Martha’s Vineyard
    The island south of Cape Cod is a popular destination. In addition to the beautiful coastline, there is also a bird park, which is one of the main attractions.
  • Sandwich
    The oldest town on Cape Cod with its old buildings and the Sandwich Boardwalk is a must for every Cape Cod
  • Provincetown
    At the tip of Cape Cod is Provincetown. The city is a popular seaside resort and has a unique appearance thanks to its great buildings.

Information about Cape Cod

First settlement: 1620

Area: approx. 1030 km²

Height: 93 m above sea level

Lighthouses: approx. 18

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Berkshires, Massachusetts

The Berkshires are south of the Green Mountains. Enjoy the quiet and beautiful cities, visit the opulent mansions or discover the wide range of leisure activities in the region.

The Berkshires are located in Massachusetts and are part of the foothills of the Green Mountains. This region is because of its world-famous cultural attractions, its rich music history and because of its many recreation and relaxation opportunities. The Berkshires present numerous exhibitions, performances, shows and art in many museums, theaters and in summer also on open air stages.

Many hiking trails and the Appalachian Trail, a 3,500 kilometer route through the Appalachian Mountains, lead through the beautiful area of ​​the Berkshires. There are a variety of parks in the Berkshires, including: B. the Falls Falls State Park, the Berkshire Botanical Garden or the Herbert Arboretum. Massachusetts is also home to the largest waterfall in Massachusetts, the Bash Bish Falls. With its many leisure activities, the Berkshires are a paradise for those seeking relaxation and sports enthusiasts alike. You can play a game on the first-class golf courses, which offer many hiking opportunities, ride on horseback through the Berkshires woods or kayak or canoe the rivers and lakes.

Highlights in the Berkshires

  • Bash Bish Falls State Park
    The largest waterfall in Massachusetts is a popular destination and is set in beautiful scenery.
  • The cities of the Berkshires
    There are countless attractions and highlights in the places in the Berkshires. Historic buildings, museums, theaters and much more can be discovered on an extensive tour of the Berkshires.

Information about the Berkshires

Foundation: 1932

Area: approx. 2450 km²

Population: approximately 130,000 (in Massachusetts)

Highest elevation: Crum Hill (866 m)

Nantucket Island

Nantucket Island, island south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, USA; 146 km2, 10,200 inhabitants (2010). The island is surrounded by sandy beaches and is a favorite holiday destination for yachtsmen. In the summer, the population rises to about 50,000. Nantucket was in the 1700s and 1800s. base for a worldwide whaling, described in Herman Melville’s novel Moby-Dick (1851). The Nantucket Whaling Museum holds memories of the time.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod, a peninsula in the Massachusetts SE of Boston, USA, to which the English ” pilgrim fathers ” arrived in 1620. Especially due to the sandy beaches, it is a popular holiday destination in the summer; this also applies to the northern isthmus, which is a protected natural area with dune formations.

Resorts in Massachusetts