Cities and Resorts in New Mexico

By | May 1, 2022

Gila River

Gila River, 1100 km long river originating in New Mexico and flowing into the Colorado River, USA. The river is strongly regulated with several dam lakes, Coolidge Dam (1928), which supplies agriculture in arid Arizona. Near the source of the Rocky Mountains is the listed Gila Cliff Dwellings with 1200-year-old Native American rock dwellings.

Four Corners

Four Corners, an area in the southwestern United States where the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah border each other. Around the geographical common point, marked with a stone slab, a small tourist business has sprung up, based on handicraft products from nearby Native American reserves (navajo, hopi, ute). The rights to exploit the reserves of the reserves (oil, gas, coal, uranium) have been a contentious issue since the 1960s.

Llano Estacado

Llano Estacado, (sp. ‘Stage plain’), semi-arid plateau in New Mexico and Texas, USA, located at an altitude of 900-1200 m. The name comes from Spanish gold hunters, as in the 1600s. put candlesticks in the ground to be able to orient themselves in the flat and monotonous landscape. Outside the major cities of Lubbock and Amarillo, the population has declined since the infamous dust storms of the 1930s.

Pecos River

Pecos River, tributary of the Rio Grande in New Mexico and Texas, USA; length 1490 km. It springs at a height of approx. 3800 mi Sangre de Cristo Mountains and runs south through the arid prairie areas of eastern New Mexico and western Texas to the Amistad Reservoir in the Rio Grande. The river is regulated by several dams, which are mainly built to provide water for agriculture. In its lower course, it has formed an erosion up to 300 m deep by erosion.

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Red River

Red River, Red River of the South, river in the southern United States, which for approx. half of its run forms the border between Texas and Oklahoma. It originates in eastern New Mexico and has outlets to the SE in resp. Mississippi River and the Atchafalaya River branch. Red River is approx. 2000 km long.

Rio Grande

Rio Grande, sp. Río Grande del Norte, or Río Bravo del Norte, border river between the United States and Mexico. From its source in the Rocky Mountains of southern Colorado (3700 masl), it flows south through New Mexico to El Paso, from where it forms the boundary between Texas and Mexico to the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico; length 3060 km, catchment area 870,000 km2.

Most of the river is regulated for to ensure water supplies to agriculture on the semi-arid prairie plains to the south. The right to use the water is established through agreements between the US states (since 1936) and the United States and Mexico (since 1906). Pga. the utilization of Rio Grande’s water, the flow at the outlet is very small and sometimes the river is dry here. Large dam lakes such as Falcon and Amistad are shared by the United States and Mexico. Near the Big Bend National Park, the river has formed some spectacular erosion, approx. 500 m deep canyons.

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