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By | January 15, 2023

Curacao: History, Political System

History of the island

The island was first discovered by the Europeans in 1499 by Alonso de Ojeda – an officer of Columbus. Because of the physically large natives, the Spanish named the island “Isla de los Gigantes”. Later they named the island Curazon = heart. Carthographers of the Portuguese leaders in this field at the time turned it into Curacau and Carucao on their maps.

After its discovery, the island remained in the possession of Spain until 1634, when it was conquered by the Dutch. From the end of the 17th century to the beginning of the 19th century, ownership of the island then changed between the English and the Dutch. France also tried to take possession of the island from time to time, but they could be dissuaded from it by large sums of money. The island was in English possession since 1807 and then finally came to the Netherlands in 1815. They were part of the Netherlands Antilles. In 1954, the status was changed to give Curacao autonomy in internal affairs.

Politics, current status

Since the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles on October 10, 2010, the island of Curaçao forms the Kingdom of the Netherlands together with ” Sint Maarten “, “Aruba ” and the “Netherlands in Europe”.

The islands of Bonaire, Sint Estatius and Saba in the Caribbean also belong to the “Netherlands in Europe” – as so-called “Special Communities”.

According to topschoolsintheusa, Curacao is an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with the Dutch queen or king as head of state.

National anthem

The national anthem of Curacao was composed in 1898 by the monk Fr. Radulphu, who came from the Netherlands, and set to music in the 1930s by Father Candidus Nouwens. The current text of the hymn comes from Guillermo Rosario, Mae Henriquez, Enrique Müller, Betty Doran from 1978, as the old one was too colonial:

Hymn of Curaçao – in Papiamentu – Himno di Korsou

The hymn has eight stanzas, of which only the first two are usually sung. In a free English translation:

  1. Let our voices lift up and singthe greatness of Curacao;Curaçao, small island,a rock in the sea!
  2. Curaçao we love youabove all peoples.We sing your glorywith all our hearts.

National flag

Based on flag descriptions by, the national flag of Curacao has a blue background with a yellow stripe in the lower part and two white – different sized – five-pointed stars in the upper left part.

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