Excursions in Singapore

By | May 1, 2022

Sightseeing tour of Singapore
The tour gives a basic idea of ​​the history, population, modern life of Singapore. Places to visit – Padang Square in the heart of the city overlooking the statue of the legendary Lion-Fish, the financial center, Chinese and Hindu temples, handicraft centers and a luxurious tropical Orchid Garden.

In the central area you can find the colonial, Chinese and business districts, the main shopping street Orchard Road, bustling fun neighborhoods with hundreds of restaurants and cafes – Boat Key and Clarke Key. The most popular and luxurious hotels are also located here. A new exemplary city of the 21st century is being built in the northeastern part. It will combine spacious beaches, parks, sports and social clubs, shopping centers and supermarkets, markets, shops, restaurants, cinemas and other entertainment

Night safari
Traveling through the park on foot (three routes) or sightseeing tram you will get acquainted with the night life of animals. You will visit eight geographical zones. In the cool of the night, enjoy a performance put on by the “night dwellers” that you will never forget. No less exciting – a walk along the “Trail of the Leopard” and the Mangrove trail. End your trip with a visit to one of the two restaurants located at the entrance, or go to the gift shop where you can buy figurines of various animals.

Singapore Zoo
According to topschoolsintheusa, the most beautiful Singapore Zoo, where animals are not kept in cages, is famous all over the world. Its most famous inhabitants are orangutans from the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Through the glass that separates you from the animals, you can try to look into the eyes of a polar bear or a pygmy hippo. The most beautiful zoo in the world gives you a unique opportunity to have breakfast or tea with an orangutan.

Jurong Bird Park
Visit the largest Bird Park in Southeast Asia, among the amazing attractions of which you will see the world’s highest (30 meters) artificial so-called Bird Falls; curious “Penguin Parade” – a place where penguins live in conditions close to the nature of the South Pole; The Southeast Asian Bird Aviary, which hosts a thunderstorm every day for spectators, as well as magnificent performances of Birds of Prey of Fuji World and Jurong Park Birds Star Show.

Excursions on Sentosa

Sentoso Park
This former fishing village is now a popular place for entertainment and recreation, attracting city dwellers as well as curious tourists.
You get to this island by funicular. “Passing” at a bird’s eye view, you will see the panorama of the city, the container terminal and the world famous cruise center.
On the way to the island, you will learn about the wild pirates who lived in this “paradise” in ancient times, about the naval base of the British fleet during the reign of the empire, and how it all turned into an island of recreation and entertainment.

Oceanarium “Underwater World” – the largest in Asia.
Hold a starfish in your hands or play with the fish in a small pool specially designed for you to touch the marine life.
And then, stepping onto the 83-meter moving walkway into a transparent acrylic tunnel passing through a giant aquarium, you will find yourself in the very heart of the underwater world, as if you are walking on the bottom of the ocean! Get an unforgettable experience of meeting more than 2500 fish and other marine life of 250 species!
A huge number of coral fish ca, with eels and moray eels, with live shark embryos, ray fish, with deadly piranhas for humans, electric eels, devil sharks, stone fish and lion fish, with rare sea dragons, cuttlefish and seahorses.

More about “Underwater World”

Sightseeing tour around the entire island on a monorail train. After leaving at the central station, visit “Cinemania” – a virtual reality cinema.

Laser show of Musical Fountains – evening tour. The magical ballet of light, laser, color and music harmoniously combines with 20-meter water jets, turning into a unique spectacle. Sentosa’s new show, a dance of fire and water created by the masters responsible for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1998 World Cup in France, as well as other spectacular events in Portugal, China, Japan and the USA, has become the dominant spectacle, the highlight of the program with water geysers and pyrotechnics. The 20-minute show is presented by an actor interacting with computer characters on a huge water screen. Learn the legends of the island and its magic by watching this show.

Excursions on Bintan

Excursion to the fishing village – you will be impressed by the traditional techniques and skills of the local fishermen, which they will gladly share with you while fishing.

Elephant Park with Elephant Show – Enjoy a half hour elephant show full of fun and entertainment. After the show is over, you can buy fruit and feed these good-natured animals, as well as ride one of them.

Excursion to the second largest city of Bintan – Bintan Tanjung Uban Tour – it’s good to walk along the charming “palantar” promenade – a wooden deck with houses overlooking the sea, and with numerous seafood restaurants that open at sunset.

Eco-tour to the village of Sri Bintan – you will have the opportunity to participate in the ordinary life of an Indonesian village, watch the work of a village blacksmith, or see how local women weave baskets and other products from pandan leaves. The tour ends with a traditional dinner accompanied by Indonesian dances.

Mangrove Tour (Day/Evening) – Discover the fragile tropical jungle eco-system on this Sebung River boat tour.

Trekking to Mount Guning Bintan – the route lies through the tropical jungle, where you can see such rare inhabitants as silver-leaved monkeys, sunbirds, eagles. Ahead of you is a fantastic view of the island from the observation platform at a height of 340 meters on Mount Guning Bintan.

Excursions in Singapore