Finland Sightseeing

By | October 6, 2021

A holiday in Finland is definitely worth it, as the country has a large number of different attractions to show. Visit sunglasseswill for Top 10 Sights in Finland. The Aleksis Kivi birthplace should not be missed. This is a museum in honor of a world-famous Finnish playwright and novelist. The museum still shows the original furnishings of the House, in which the writer had lived at the time and some of his possessions at the time.

Worth seeing is also the old market hall in Kauppahali. It is the oldest market hall in Finland and is located directly on the southern harbor right on the market square. The builder of the hall was Gustav Nyström. It was opened in 1889.
Today you can get culinary delicacies from all over the world in the old building, from sending reindeer from Finland to sushi from Japan, anything is possible.

The Finnish National Theater is worth a visit. At one hundred and thirty years of age, it is the oldest Finnish-language theater in the country.

Havis Amada is also an absolute must if you are on holiday in Finland. The Havis Amada is a bronze fountain in the south harbor of the city of Helsinki. He is adorned by a naked virgin who has just emerged from the sea. The virgin was created by the artist Ville Vallgren in 1906. However, it only got its current position two years later. The statue is said to symbolize the birth of Helsinki.
There is also an annual event for this. Exactly on the first of May each year, the virgin is cleansed by students and they put a wreath on her head. This performance attracts thousands of onlookers to Helsinki every year.

The main train station in Helsinki is an absolute highlight. The building was designed by the architect Eliel Saarinen. The opening ceremony took place in 1919.
Architecturally, it is something special, as the building can be seen as a transition to the neo-objective style. There are huge stone figures at the main entrance holding lanterns in their hands.
But the station concourse and the cafés there are certainly interesting from an architectural point of view. It is definitely worth exploring the train station more closely.

Other special buildings in the country are the Lasipalatsi, the Parliament building, the Tampere City Hall, the Tampere Theater and the Metso City Library in Tampere.

Finland also has a large number of different sacred buildings to offer. The Alexander Church in Tampere should not be missed. The church, built in the neo-Gothic style, had its foundation stone laid in 1881. In 1939 it was structurally changed. The Alexander Church forms an extreme contrast to the modern buildings of the city library in the neighborhood.

The Lutheran Cathedral in Tampere, built in 1907, is also worth a visit. It is considered a model example of Finnish national romanticism. The church is also the symbol of the city. Inside there are wonderful frescoes by the artist Hugo Simberg.

Helsinki Cathedral is also worth a detour, but Turku Cathedral is also worth a look. Other interesting sacred buildings in Finland would be the Church of Petäjävesi, the Orthodox Church in Tampere, the Temppeliauikokirche and the Uspensky Cathedral.

But Finland also has a lot to offer the museum lovers among the tourists.
So it is definitely worth seeing the Anteneum Museum of Finnish Art. The museum is of particular importance in the country. Here you can see works of art by various Finnish artists up to 1960. There are also occasional special exhibitions in which the modern art of other countries is observed.

The Museum of Finnish Architecture is particularly interesting. There you can see exhibitions and graphics on Finnish architecture, as well as a picture archive and an architecture library.

A highlight among the state’s museums is the Mannheim Museum. The museum is the former home of the Finnish statesman Carl Gustav Mannheimer, who had a major impact on the country’s history. You can see a collection of various orders and marshal’s baton, as well as souvenirs from his travels to Asia. The statesman’s original living quarters can also be viewed.

Other museums in the country would be the Museum of Contemporary Art in Kiasma, the Finnish National Museum and the City Museum in Helsinki.

Finland also has some historical buildings to offer, such as B. Olavinlinna Castle. It is considered to be the main attraction of the Savonlinna lake area. The castle was built in 1475 to protect the eastern borders of the country. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the castle was occupied by Russians who stayed in the country for almost two hundred years.

The Suomenlinna Fortress is also worth seeing. Construction began in 1748 when Finland was still part of the Kingdom of Sweden. Its purpose was to secure the borders with Russia.

Other interesting buildings in Finland would be the Seurasaari open-air museum, the Sammallahdenmäki cemetery, the Häme castle, Kastelholm, Roseburg or the Verla sawmill complex.

In Finland, nature lovers don’t miss out either. You should definitely not miss the Lemmenjoki National Park. The park has a size of 2,855 square kilometers and is the largest in the country.
Pihlajasaari is also worth seeing. These are two islands that are connected to one another by a wooden walkway. Beach holidaymakers particularly like to come here because of the fantastic sandy beaches.

You should also have seen Lake Töölö. The underwater world Sealife in Helsinki is something special. Here you can get a glimpse of both the tropical seas and the Baltic Sea. The absolute highlight is the 235 square meter ocean tank that can be crossed through a glass tunnel.

Finland Sightseeing