Flights, Accommodation and Movement in Reykjavik

By | April 8, 2021

Although the price level in the city is quite high, there are several places in Reykjavik that can be seen completely free of charge.


Direct flights to Reykjavik

The most convenient way to get to Reykjavik from Finland is with direct flights from Finnair and Icelandair . Flight time from Helsinki is about three and a half hours. The country’s main airport, Keflavik, is located about 50 km from Reykjavik. From the airport, the city can be reached, for example, by bus, taxi or rental car.

Flights to Reykjavik cost about 200 euros at the cheapest.

Accommodation hawks a big chunk of the budget

In Reykjavik, it is worth staying close to the city center, as the actual attractions of the city center are close to each other. The city offers accommodation from hotels to hostels, but especially during the summer, accommodation is expensive.

The cheapest three-star hotel in Reykjavik costs around 100 euros per night.

Getting your own apartment is also an accommodation option, especially if you are staying in the city longer. Airbnb-type home accommodation is very common in Reykjavik, as due to the large number of tourists, more and more locals rent their homes from time to time.

There are hostels available for the budget traveler, but their price level is relatively high. The price of one night in a dormitory for several people can be around 30 euros, even at its cheapest.

Walking in the center, nature by car

According to Abbreviation Finder, Reykjavik is not large, but nonetheless, locals use a lot of cars to travel even shorter distances. However, the tourist can easily get around the city on foot. There are also several bus lines.

However, renting a car is especially recommended if you want to admire Iceland’s rugged beautiful nature from outside the city as well.

By bike, you can also see the city from a slightly different perspective, as long as the weather is favorable.



The Sun Voyageur enjoys a spectacular location by the sea.

Hallgrímurin Church

Reykjavik’s landscape is dominated by Hallgrímskirkja, built of white cement. The church is open to the public and its tower offers a magnificent view over the city. The church rises to a height of 74.5 meters, and the tower offers a 360-degree view over Reykjavik.


For lovers of modern architecture, one of the most interesting landmarks in Reykjavik is the Icelandic music house Harpa, completed in 2011. The location by the sea makes the building especially magnificent, and the architecture of the building is worth seeing, even if there is no concert in the Music Hall in the itinerary. Also pop in the Harpa store.

See the nightlife of Reykjavik

Reykjavik has quite a lively nightlife in relation to the size of the city and the city is also known in the world for it. Nightlife is focused on a small area with small bars and clubs. The local way is to go to the bars only late at night. However, alcohol is expensive in Iceland: beer mugs easily cost around seven euros and more special drinks have to cost as much as twenty.

Reykjavik’s numerous other restaurants and cafés are also known for their quality offerings and comfort.

Whale exhibition

The sea is strongly present in Iceland and the country is also known for its animals. If the conditions or time are not enough to participate in a whale safari, you can pop in at the world’s largest whale show. In the exhibition, you get a perspective on what size a blue whale, for example, actually is. In the Whales of Iceland exhibition you will find replicas of all 23 different whale species found in Icelandic waters.

Also visit outside the city

Even if you only fly to Reykjavik for a holiday for a few days, it is worth visiting the world outside the city for at least one day. Above all, Iceland is an excellent natural destination and its rugged beautiful terrain with hot springs is second to none.

Blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is located outside Reykjavik, but is still definitely the most unforgettable experience in the immediate vicinity of the city. About 45 kilometers from Reykjavik, in the middle of a deserted lava field, the water of the hot spring is about 35 degrees. The turquoise color of water comes from several different minerals and is healthy for the skin.



The atmosphere of Reykjavik is very village-like, which attracts many visitors.

Reykjavik’s most famous attractions

  1. Hallgrímskirkja
  2. Icelandic music house Harpa
  3. Perlan
  4. The Sun Voyager
  5. Old port
  6. Fríkirkjan
  7. Grottan lighthouse

Day trips from Reykjavik

  1. Blue Lagoon
  2. Golden Circle Tour
  3. Horseback riding with Icelandic horses

The best events

  1. Iceland Airwawes Festival in November
  2. Pride celebration in August
  3. Secret Solstice Festival in June
  4. Iceland Independence Day on 17 June