Gigaset ME Pro Wants To Score Points With 20-Mp Camera

He presents three smartphones under the umbrella brand Gigaset ME earlier as a manufacturer of DECT cordless phones Siemens AG with fixed network Division. The top model ME Pro to attract attention with a 20-MP camera model.

The earlier as a manufacturer of DECT cordless phones Siemens AG with fixed network Division under the umbrella brand Gigaset ME three smartphones introduced: while the standard model Gigaset ME with a 16 MP camera module must be satisfied and the smallest family member ME only a 13-MP camera didn’t get pure, the top model ME you want per 20 megapixels make impression.

In addition to the 20 megapixel referred to as resolution for the pro model, an aperture of f/2.2 is mentioned in the technical data, optical image stabilisation and a 1.12 µm pixel size. The autofocus to focus according to the manufacturer in 0.2 seconds. The dual-color LED-Flash produces both cold and warm light, Sony IMX230 CMOS sensor is referred to as the main camera’s image sensor. You will find a Gigaset ME hands on including photo gallery on heise online.

The price for the Gigaset ME pure is around 350 euros. Slamming the standard model ME with less than 470 euro beech and ME Pro is a premium model with almost 550 euros.

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The German company Gigaset heard by now about the Goldin registered in Singapore Fund Pte. Ltd. majority of Hong Kong Goldin group, which has another daughter with Matsunichi, the Smartphones produced. According to electronicsmatter, Gigaset smartphone are marketed in Singapore, a joint venture which the Germans only 15 percent are involved in mobile. Goldin fire Ltd. based in Singapore, the rights to Gigaset brand had been sold recently, which may be used only for the traditional product groups of the previous trade mark owners. The Group companies with the Japanese-sounding name Matsunichi so far primarily operates as an OEM/ODM manufacturer. (keh)