Hackers Invade Twitter CEO of Niantic by Pokémon Go Delay in Brazil

Not only are you frustrated with the delay of the launch  Pokémon Go in Brazil. The Twitter CEO of Niantic, John Hanke (@johnhanke), was invaded because the game has not yet been released here. Until the morning of Monday (1), the account still showed messages like “this is for Brazil,” signal that access had not yet been recovered.

The hack was made ​​by the team OurMine hackers, the same that had invaded Twitter Mark Zuckerberg. The situation is similar because while Zuckerberg password was “dadada”, the Hanke was “nopass” which means “no password” in free translation.

With an equally password six characters and that is broken in just 2 minutes and 41 seconds per brute force – the method used OurMine – Hanke was also hacked into your account from Facebook and Foursquare. However, hackers did not do anything “because they had little followers.”

Information is a member of OurMine who participated in the invasion and spoke to Forbes. The vehicle was able to verify the authenticity of the hacker by the contact form of the group. “We did this for two reasons: to test his safety and Brazil, Argentina and Chile,” said the member.

This first reason, to “test the security” was repeated by the hacker group when they got access to Zuckerberg accounts as well. A few weeks ago, they also claimed an attack by DDoS the servers Pokémon Go, this time to “show them how to protect servers themselves.”

The hacker also said that the members of OurMine do not play Pokémon Go, but do such actions to show that no one is safe. “We are trying to tell people that no one is safe. Always use authentication by two steps in their accounts and change passwords every two or three weeks, “he said.

Since the launch, the Niantic struggling with Pokémon Go. The company opened a new vacancy for a software engineer to take care of the server infrastructure. Hanke said at Comic Con no new features will be added to the stabilizing servers. No country gets the game a few days ago – the last was Hong Kong, on 25 July (exactly a week ago). The plan was to gradually releasing around the world, but releases in Canada, Europe and Japan did the stagger servers, then the Niantic is proceeding calmly.

As reported to CNET, the hashtag #OurMine, which was propagated after the invasion, some users, including Brazilians claimed the hack to find it is not a good method to prove a point.

Since it was only a matter of time, is that this hack may not have the opposite effect: to delay the launch in Brazil? Maybe the hacker.