How to get to Armenia

By | May 4, 2022


Armenia is a country in Asia according to constructmaterials. A treasure trove of history and dotted with idyllically situated historic chapels, Armenia offers the visitor a wonderful landscape of verdant forests, shimmering lakes and barren deserts. Best of all, Armenia’s people are always hospitable and enthusiastic about showing their country to visitors. In Armenia, for example, visitors can discover mysterious stalactite caves, ancient stone carvings and small villages that have barely reached the 21st century. Christianity came to Armenia in 301 AD, which likes to call itself the oldest Christian nation. The dominions of the Armenian kings stretched as far as Syria and the Black Sea coast. The Silk Road stretched through the Central Asian country between the Persian, Turkish and Russian empires. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, a revival of nationalism and its own traditional culture took place in Armenia. The capital, Yerevan, is Armenia’s center of cultural creativity and progressive thinking.  There are impressive museums and a vibrant modern art scene. Armenian cuisine – with mounds of grilled meats served hot and fresh vegetables from the nearest garden – is a real treat.

Getting there

Arriving by plane

Lufthansa (LH) flies in cooperation with Tarom (RO) from Frankfurt/M. via Bucharest to Yerevan. Condor (DE) flies from Frankfurt/M. to Yerevan.

Flight times

Frankfurt/M. – Yerevan: 5 hrs 35 mins; Berlin – Yerevan: 6 hours 10 minutes; Vienna – Yerevan: 3 hrs 45 mins (non-stop flight); Geneva – Yerevan: 5 hrs 45 mins; Zurich – Yerevan: 5 hrs 55 mins

Departure fee


Arrival by car

A highway that runs through the city of Kapan connects Armenia with Iran. The roads from Yerevan to Georgia are considered unsafe. A border crossing between Armenia and Turkey as well as Azerbaijan is not possible. Long-distance bus: Buses depart from Kilikia bus station. There are bus connections to Georgia and from there to Istanbul as well as daily connections to Tabriz in Iran (journey time: 10 hours). Tolls: There are no toll roads in Armenia. Documents: The national driving license is sufficient; nevertheless, it is recommended that you also take your international driver’s license with you.

Arrival by train

International train connections only exist between Armenia and Georgia (journey time Yerevan-Tbilisi: approx. 9 hours).


Traveling by plane

There are no domestic flights in Armenia.

Traveling by car/bus

The Armenian road network has a length of about 11,300 km and is densest around Yerevan; Roads lead from here to all parts of the country. Tolls: Armenia has no toll roads. Petrol stations: There are enough petrol stations in and around Yerevan; they are few and far between in rural areas and it is advisable to carry a spare canister.

Right-hand traffic/left-hand traffic


Condition of the roads

The main roads are mostly in good condition; the other roads poorly developed and maintained. More or less deep potholes can be found on all roads. Signage is often missing, sometimes manhole covers too; Even traffic lights are sometimes broken. Landslides can block roads after rain, and rockfalls should be expected where signs are posted. Driving at night is particularly dangerous and should therefore be avoided if possible.

Car rental

Rental cars are available in Yerevan at the airport and in the city. Due to the generally inappropriate driving style in Armenia, one should consider renting a car with a driver. Drivers must be at least 18 years old; Under 26s and over 69s may incur additional charges.


Taxis are everywhere, metered often not; therefore, the fare should be agreed in advance. It is quite common to stop not only taxis but also private cars and ask for a ride.


There are a number of bike rental companies in Yerevan, some of which also offer tours.


Armenia has an extensive bus network. Buses connect both the larger cities and the individual towns with the surrounding villages. Also, city minivans serve a variety of routes where they can be stopped anywhere. You buy the tickets on the bus.


Traffic regulations: – A fire extinguisher must be carried; – Alcohol limit: 0.0 ‰. Speed ​​limits: – urban: 60 km/h; – out of town: 90 km/h or according to signs.


The national driving license is sufficient; it is nevertheless recommended to carry the international driver’s license with you.

Traveling in the city

Yerevan can be explored by metro, bus, trolleybus, minibus or taxi; the center also good to walk. The subway runs every 5 minutes from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Taxis can be hailed on the street or ordered by phone.

Locally on the way by train

Rail transport in Armenia is mainly operated by the Haravkovkazian Yerkatughi (HJe) Railway Company, a subsidiary of Russian Railways (RŽD). Some railway lines were discontinued, partly for political reasons. The routes Yerevan-Ayrum (journey time: 6 hours 5 minutes), Yerevan-Yerash (journey time: 1 hour 32 minutes) and Yerevan-Shorzha (2 hours 58 minutes) are still being used. The routes are in poor condition and some can only be driven on at 30 km/h.

How to get to Armenia