How to Get to Brasilia, Brazil

By | November 28, 2022

There are no direct flights from Moscow to Brasilia, options with one transfer are rare. From Domodedovo, such flights are operated by the Portuguese Tap Air Portugal, sometimes in tandem with Aeroflot. Change of aircraft in Lisbon, waiting time – from 10 to 22 hours. The fastest flight with transfers in Paris and Sao Paulo is ready to be offered by Air France paired with Gol Transporters Eros: the travel time there is 20 hours 5 minutes, the return time is 19 hours.

From St. Petersburg to the capital of Brazil, fly with only two transfers: 20.5 hours on the road with Lufthansa, Avianza Brasil, Gol Transporters Eros and Royal Dutch Airlines via Frankfurt am Main, Sao Paulo and Amsterdam. For Brazil climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

From airport to city

From the air harbor President Juscelino Kubizek to the center from 6:00 to 23:00 you can go by city buses. They go to the bus station, where you will have to transfer to another route or metro to the desired part of the city. Shuttles run around the clock from the airport directly to the hotel area and the center.

Comfortable taxis are at the service of tourists at any time of the day or night, the cost of a trip to them is 80 BRL, cars are waiting in the parking lot at the exit of the terminals. Despite the presence of a meter, you will have to agree on the specific price of the trip with the driver in advance.


From public transport in Brasilia, there are only two metro lines and a large number of buses. The first one is unlikely to come in handy for tourists – you won’t get close to the iconic sights on it. But with a fact-finding purpose, you can ride in a clean metropolitan subway. Buses are another matter. They can take you to the National Museum, the Cathedral, the Congress and many other interesting places. Timetables and traffic patterns of various routes are presented at the bus station at SMAS, Trecho 4, Conjunto 5/6. They stop buses with a wave of the hand, the fare is indicated on the windshield.

A taxi in Brasilia cannot be called an economical way of transportation: they charge 30 BRL for a trip. Catching cars on the street is not accepted, it is better to contact the nearest hotel or institution for an order, or arrange with the driver in the parking lot. You can not look at the counter – it is better to discuss the cost before the start of the movement.

On weekends and holidays, taxi prices increase, on the same days, buses and the metro operate on a reduced schedule. To pay for travel in any form of transport, it is better to have small bills: Brazilians seem to not know the word “change”.

Hotel in Brasilia

The list of accommodation options offered in Brasilia could have been longer: what are 60 hotels, apartments and hostels in the capital of a huge state? So the main thing here is to have time to book the right option, and the prices for everything are quite reasonable. For a day in a hostel 5 km from the center they will charge from 50 BRL, for the “five” in the heart of the city – 225 BRL.

The number of houses and apartments for rent is growing: apart-hotels of various star ratings are gaining more and more popularity, their prices are lower than in traditional hotels. As for the location, you can settle at least “nearby” at the Television Tower, at least not far from the lake, at least next to the metro station.

The main hotels are located in the so-called hotel zones – Setor Hoteleiro Norte, Setor Hoteleiro Sul.

Rent a Car

The dream city of Brasilia was built for motorists: the designers assumed that in a bright future every inhabitant would have a personal transport. Alas, the reality differed from expectations, but the excellent infrastructure remained. Therefore, it is definitely worth renting a car here in order to enjoy the local excellent roads, conveniently located parking lots and the almost complete absence of traffic jams.

In the parking lots you can meet dubious personalities who are ready to “look after” the car for a fee. It is not worth using their services. You should be extremely careful on the road: pedestrians consider themselves the main ones, therefore they cross the carriageway without warning. And the police are equally demanding of locals and visitors, and even the slightest hint of a violation is turned into a hefty fine. The city has many multi-level interchanges and, at first glance, a complex street naming system – it will be difficult without a navigator.

Brasilia, Brazil