How to get to Greenland

By | May 4, 2022


Remote Greenland is the largest island in the world and the sea that surrounds it is either permanently frozen or freezing cold due to the predominantly cold ocean currents. The ice in the interior of the country is up to 3 km thick, so it is no wonder that most of the population lives in the ice-free coastal region. The name itself – Greenland (“grassland”) – is indeed somewhat misleading. Anyone who wonders why they settled in such an unforgiving landscape has no idea what beauty Greenland embodies. The arctic night in winter consists of a wondrous, constant twilight – or complete darkness in the far north of the country – coupled with the spectacular Northern Lights. The always abundant snow creates ideal conditions for activities such as dog sledding, but also for cruising in and around the countless fjords, mountains, islands and icebergs of Greenland. The wildlife is just as interesting and promises encounters with whales, seals and seabirds. See other countries in North America on homosociety.

Getting there

Arriving by plane

There are no non-stop flights to Greenland from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Air Greenland (GL), the national airline, connects Copenhagen non-stop with Kangerlussuaq and Narsarsuaq several times a week; connecting flights to other Greenlandic cities are possible from there. Feeder flights from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Copenhagen with SAS (SK) and the national airlines Lufthansa (LH), Austrian Airlines (OS) and Swiss (LX). Icelandair (FI) flies in cooperation with Air Greenland (GL) from Copenhagen via Reykjavik to Nuuk.

Note on arrival by plane

The best way to book a trip to Greenland is through a tour operator. Only those who already know the country well should set out on their own. Visit Greenland helps with holiday planning. Due to the arctic weather conditions in Greenland, there may be short-term delays and interruptions in travel. Travelers should allow enough time and contact the airline before boarding a flight.

Flight times

Frankfurt/M. – Nuuk: 10 hrs 20 mins; Vienna – Nuuk: 11 hrs 55 mins; Zurich – Nuuk: 10 hrs 55 mins; Copenhagen – Nuuk: 6 hours 10 minutes (each with intermediate stops). Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq: 4 hrs 40 mins (non-stop).

Departure fee


Arrival by ship

Greenland has numerous ports that are visited by cruises.

Cruise ships

Shipping companies such as AIDA, Phoenix, MSC, Hapag Lloyd, Transocean and Plantours also offer Greenland on their cruises departing from Germany. Hurtigruten offers a cruise along the west coast of Greenland, including a flight from Germany to Iceland from Reykjavik.


Traveling by plane

Air Greenland (GL) offers domestic flights by helicopter and plane to numerous cities on both the west and east coasts of Greenland. We recommend booking well in advance, preferably before you arrive in Greenland. Due to the extreme weather conditions, delays, some of which are considerable, must be expected for domestic and long-distance flights.

Traveling by car/bus

There are only roads within the towns. The locals travel between the settlements on dog sleds in winter and motor boats in summer. Dog sleds with a guide can be hired in all cities on the East Coast and north of the Arctic Circle on the West Coast.

Right-hand traffic/left-hand traffic


Locally on the way by train

There is no rail network in Greenland. Airplanes and ships are the only means of transport.

Traveling by ship

The Arctic Umiaq Line shipping company regularly calls at numerous towns along the coast of west and south-west Greenland. The choice of locations depends on the different weather conditions caused by the seasons. Passenger seats are limited. In some cities boats can be rented with crew. In the case of ship passages, considerable delays in some cases must also be expected in domestic traffic due to the extreme weather conditions.

How to get to Greenland