How to get to Marshall Islands

By | May 4, 2022


The Marshall Islands is a remote nation of scattered islands and atolls best known for their underwater wildlife and diving spots. Many of the atolls are covered with exotic flowers such as jasmine and plumeria and are surrounded by at least 160 different species of coral. The uninhabited atolls are known for their coconut and papaya plantations, as well as for the pandan, a spice, and breadfruit that grow here. See other countries in Oceania on extrareference.

Getting there

Arriving by plane

Air Marshall Islands (CW) connects the Marshall Islands atolls and flies to Kiribati; Charter flights can also be booked. United Airlines (UA) flies to the islands from Honolulu and Guam. Nauru Airlines (ON) operates flights from Fiji to the islands via Nauru; Connecting flights to Australia are possible.

Departure fee

Approximately €18 (US$20) to be paid for international flights.

Arrival by car

On the larger islands about 65 km of roads are paved; the rest are piste roads. Buses: There is a bus service between the Robert Reimers Hotel in Majuro and Laura Beach Park. Taxis and shared taxis are cheap and plentiful. Prices are not fixed. Rental cars are available from various rental car companies. Drivers must be at least 18 years old. Documents: It is recommended that you carry your international driver’s license with you in addition to your national driver’s license.

Arrival by ship

The international port is Majuro. A number of shipping companies call at the Marshall Islands, including the Nauru Pacific Line. Ships that pass through the islands to pick up copra and deliver supplies usually also provide passenger service. It takes about 24 hours to get from Majuro to Jaluit. To the outer atolls, such as Arno, a cargo ship goes twice a week; tickets for the trip are available at the Fish Processing Plant in Majuro. Boats can be rented from local rental companies for excursions, diving, sport fishing, water skiing etc.

Cruise ships

Phoenix also docks in Majuro on a cruise around the world departing from Hamburg. Inter-island cruises are offered locally.

How to get to Marshall Islands