How to get to Poland

By | May 3, 2022


Poland is a country in Europe according to extrareference. Poland, one of Europe’s most underrated countries, has a lot to offer travelers of all stripes, from the rugged landscapes of the mountainous south, to great skiing and hiking areas, to the magnificent historic cities of Kraków, Zamosc and Gdansk (Danzig), to the great Wilderness of Białowieża National Park and the Masurian Lakes to the north. The scenic beauty of Poland is as diverse as it is extraordinary. The Baltic coast has some excellent sandy beaches and the Slowinski National Park with stunning forests, swamps and sand dunes. The Mazury in the northeast, made up of hundreds of lakes, are a playground for boat lovers of all kinds. The Wieluner Höhen with limestone areas, caves and medieval fortresses are another highlight. The Carpathians in the deep south of the country are among the most beautiful and popular travel areas in Poland. From 2018 to 2021, Poland celebrated the 100th anniversary of its independence with numerous events across the country.

Getting there

Arriving by plane

Poland’s national airline is called LOT Polish Airways (LO). Direct connections from – Berlin/Tegel to Warsaw, – Frankfurt/M. to Gdansk (Gdansk), Warsaw, Kattowitz (Katowice), Posen (Poznan) and Wroclaw (Wroclaw), – Hamburg to Warsaw, – Hanover to Warsaw, – Düsseldorf to Warsaw, – Munich to Gdansk (Gdansk), Warsaw and Wroclaw ( Wroclaw) and – Nuremberg to Warsaw, – Stuttgart to Warsaw, – Geneva and Zurich to Warsaw and – Vienna to Warsaw. Lufthansa (LH) also offers regular scheduled flights from Frankfurt/M. and Munich directly to Warsaw and from Frankfurt/M. directly to Katowice and Kraków. Easyjet (U2) connects Basel and Geneva with Warsaw. Eurowings (EW) connects Hanover, Dresden, Zurich and Vienna with Kraków and Düsseldorf with Danzig. Wizz Air (W6) flies from Hamburg to Gdansk, from Memmingen to Katowice, from Dortmund to Wroclaw and Poznań and from Bremen to Olsztyn. Swiss (LX) connects Zurich with Warsaw and with Wroclaw.

Flight times

Berlin – Warsaw: 1 hour 15 minutes; Frankfurt – Warsaw: 1 hour 35 minutes; Hamburg – Gdansk: 1 hour 15 minutes; Frankfurt – Wroclaw: 1 hour 15 minutes; Vienna – Warsaw: 1 hour 15 minutes; Geneva – Warsaw: 2 hours 10 minutes; Zurich – Warsaw: 1 hour 55 minutes

Arrival by car

Road connections are good and numerous. The planned motorway network is around 2,000 kilometers. The basic network is complete except for a few projects under construction or planned. Busy routes include the A4 Görlitz – Wroclaw (Breslau) and the A2 Frankfurt/Oder – Warsaw. There is a direct motorway connection from Dresden via Görlitz to Breslau (Wroclaw) and Kraków to Korczowa on the Ukrainian border. The following German-Polish border crossings are open around the clock: Ahlbeck – Swinemünde (Usedom), Linken – Lubieszyn, Pomellen – Kolbaskowo, Rosow – Rosowek, Schwedt – Krajnik Dolny, Hohenwutzen – Osinow Dolny, Kietz – Kostrzyn, Frankfurt/O. – Slubice, Frankfurt/O. – Swiecko, Guben – Gubin/Gubinek, Forst – Zasieki/Olszyna, Podrosche – Przewoz, Ludwigsdorf – Jedrzychowice, Görlitz – Zgorzelec Hagenwerder – Radomierzyce and Zittau – Sieniawka/Porajow. The border crossing Ostritz – Krzewina Zgorzelecka is only open to pedestrians and cyclists. Long-distance bus: Eurolines and Flixbus, among others, travel from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Poland. The IC Bus connects Berlin with Kraków via Wroclaw and Katowice. Toll: Various sections of the A1, A2 and A4 motorways are subject to tolls. The fee can be paid in cash in both local currency and euros (banknotes only) and by credit card. Documents: The national driving license is sufficient.

Arrival by train

The most important train connections between Germany and Poland are: Berlin – Warsaw Berlin – Wroclaw – Kraków Hamburg – Berlin – Kraków Berlin – Szczecin Berlin – Gdansk Munich – Vienna – Warsaw as well as several times a day Dresden – Görlitz – Wroclaw There are the following important train connections between Austria and Poland : Vienna – Warsaw (express train with sleeping cars, journey time 8 hrs 25 mins) – Gdansk The best connection from Austria is through the Czech Republic, during the day Eurocitys run to Warsaw (Vienna – Warsaw: 7 hrs 13 mins). The night train portal provides an overview of night train connections. Nightjet night trains operated by ÖBB ( and their partners connect Vienna directly with Warsaw and Kraków. The ÖBB connects Vienna directly with Kraków (journey time: approx. 6 hours). From Switzerland you drive either via Vienna or Berlin. From northern Germany trains of the Polish State Railways usually run via Berlin and Szczecin or Frankfurt/O., in the south via Dresden and Görlitz. Trains run from Angermünde to Szczecin, from Berlin to Gdansk, Gorzów, Wroclaw, Katowice (Kattowitz) and Kraków, and from Leipzig to Wroclaw and Kraków. There are also connections between Berlin and Kostrzyn/Küstrin (regional train) and between Berlin and Swinoujscie/Swinemünde in the summer season (journey time: approx. 4 hours 30 minutes). Berlin-Warszawa-Express The Berlin-Warszawa-Express operated by Deutsche Bahn and PKP runs several times a day in both directions. The train with dining car takes only 5 hours to travel between the two capitals.

rail passes

The Interrail One Country Pass and the Interrail Global Pass are valid in Poland.

Note on arrival by train

Tickets and discounts for rail travel in Europe The Dresden-Wroclaw special for individuals, families and groups can be used once for a return trip between Dresden and Breslau (Wroclaw) within 14 days. With the Deutsche Bahn Europa-Ticket saver price for Poland, you can get from Berlin to Warsaw, Gdansk (Gdańsk), Sopot (Sopot) and Gdynia (Gdynia) at a particularly reasonable price, or take the IC bus from Berlin directly to Wroclaw (Wrocław), Katowice ( Katowcie) and Kraków (Kraków). With Railplus, the Bahncard Extra for Europe, you get an additional discount. RAILPLUS is not sold in some countries. It is therefore advisable to purchase the tickets for the return journey in Germany.

Arrival by ship

Adler Schiffs organizes trips – from Heringsdorf/Bansin on Usedom to Stettin/Misdroy on Wollin; – from Usedom a mini-cruise through the Pomeranian Bay without going ashore or with going ashore with a stay of 3 ½ or 6 ½ hours in Misdroy on Wollin Pol Ferries operate year-round scheduled services between Poland and Scandinavia on the routes – Gdansk – Nynäshamn near Stockholm/Sweden, – Swinoujscie – Ystad/Sweden, – Swinoujscie – Copenhagen and – Swinoujscie – Rønne, Bornholm Island/Denmark (summer only). The general agency in Germany accepts bookings: Reisebüro DARPOL, (Tel. +49 30 34 200 76).

Cruise ships

Aida Cruises is heading to Gdynia (Gdynia) on its big Baltic Sea voyage.

Routes across the rivers

Eisinger Reisen offers a river cruise to the Baltic Sea from Berlin, with a stopover in Szczecin.

How to get to Poland