How to get to Tuvalu

By | May 4, 2022


Although Tuvalu is the second smallest country in the world and, according to the UN, one of the least developed nations on earth, it fulfills all the requirements for a classic South Seas paradise. Visitors enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and palm-fringed beaches. Typical of the local vegetation are the pandan, the papaya, the banana, the breadfruit and the coconut palm. Traditional houses with thatched roofs can be found almost everywhere on the island. Most tourist activities are available in the capital city of Funafuti, where the main attraction is the huge Funafuti Lagoon. The lagoon is 14 km wide and about 18 km long and is excellent for swimming and snorkeling. The second most populated island is Funafala, which can be reached by catamaran from Funafuti. Since there are no shops on Funafala, travelers should bring their own provisions. See other countries in Oceania on areacodesexplorer.

Getting there

Arriving by plane

There are no direct flights to Tuvalu from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Fiji Airways (PC) flies to Funafuti from Suva (Fiji). Getting there from Europe is a bit complicated; the best route is via Sydney (Australia) and Suva (Fiji).

Flight times

Suva – Funafuti: 1 hr 30 min

Departure fee

A fee of approximately €19 (A$30) is charged when departing from Tuvalu. Children under the age of three and transit passengers who continue their journey on the same aircraft are exempt.

Arrival by car

Toll: There are no toll roads. Documents: The national driving license is sufficient; nevertheless, it is advisable to also carry the international driver’s license with you.

Arrival by ship

Boat connections exist from Fiji to the main port of Funafuti.


Traveling by plane

There is no domestic air travel; the only airstrip is on Funafuti.

Traveling by car/bus

There are only a few roads connecting the villages. Tolls: There are no tolls on Tuvalu’s roads.

Right-hand traffic/left-hand traffic


Condition of the roads

Only the roads in the capital, Funafuti, are paved. The remaining roads are unpaved.


Taxis can be found in Funafuti at the main wharf.


Scooters can be rented in Funafuti; Bicycles are also available at the hotel.


Minibuses operated by private bus companies operate between the government center in Vaiaku and the deep sea port at the northern end of Fongafale Island on Funafuti Atoll.

Roadside Assistance

In the event of breakdowns with the rental car, the rental company must be contacted.


The national driving license is sufficient; However, it is advisable to carry your international driver’s license with you.

Traveling in the city

Funafuti is easily explored on foot due to its size.

Traveling by ship

The islands are connected by a passenger and cargo ship with homeport in Funafuti.

How to get to Tuvalu