How to get to Ukraine

By | May 3, 2022


Ukraine is a country in Europe according to aristmarketing. Ukraine, this vast and somewhat mysterious country that has long been part of modern-day Russia, is relatively little known despite being one of the largest countries in Europe. Ukraine has a diverse landscape and amazing cultural diversity. The Carpathians, which extend from Poland, Hungary and Romania into Ukraine, characterize the western part of the country. The central and eastern regions, on the other hand, consist of flat plains with many sunflower and grain fields. In the south lies the Black Sea, reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea. In the capital Kyiv, which dates back to the 8th century, is an exciting mix of architectural styles befitting a city that was once the capital of Kievan Rus’ – the predecessor of the modern Russian state. A large number of buildings from the Baroque and Renaissance periods can also be seen in Lviv (Lemberg), one of the oldest cities in Europe. The port city of Odessa is best known for its Potemkin Stairs (a flight of 192 steps), which featured in Sergei Eisenstein’s epic feature film The Battleship Potemkin.

Getting there

Arriving by plane

Ukraine International Airlines (PS) offers direct flights from various German cities as well as Vienna and Zurich to Kyiv. Other direct flights to the Ukraine are operated by the following airlines: – Lufthansa (LH) from Frankfurt/M. to Kyiv and from Munich to Kyiv and Lemberg (Lviv); – Austrian Airlines (OS) from Vienna to Kyiv and Donetsk; – Swiss (LX) from Zurich to Kyiv; – Wizz Air (W6) from Frankfurt/M. and from Leipzig/Halle to Kyiv and from Berlin to Lemberg. – Eurowings (EW) from Düsseldorf to Kyiv.

Flight times

Berlin – Kyiv: 2 hours 25 minutes; Frankfurt/M. – Kyiv: 2 hours 20 minutes; Vienna – Kyiv: 1 hour 55 minutes; Zurich – Kyiv: 2 hours 40 minutes; Berlin – Lviv: 1 hour 35 minutes; Vienna – Lviv: 1 hour 15 minutes; Zurich – Lviv: 3 hours 15 minutes (with stopover).

Arrival by car

Car: The quickest way for people traveling by car to reach the Ukraine from northern Germany is via Poland, and from southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland via the Slovak Republic or Hungary. The most important border crossing points are: – from Northern Germany: Chelm/Poland – Kyiv, Przemysl/Poland – Mostiska; – from southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Vysné Nemecké/Slovak Republic – Uschgorod or Zahony/Hungary – Chop. For information about required documents and traffic regulations, see Travel – National. Long-distance bus: Flixbus travels to Ukraine from Germany and Austria. Eurolines connects Germany and Switzerland with Ukraine. Tolls: Tolls are not levied on Ukrainian roads. Documents: The national driving license is sufficient. However, it is recommended that you also carry an international driver’s license.

Arrival by train

You can get to Kyiv from all former member states of the Soviet Union. Travel time from Moscow to Kyiv is 16 hours, from St. Petersburg about 36 hours. There are also connections to Odessa from Bratislava (Slovak Republic), Bucharest (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic), Moscow ( Russian Federation, Vilnius (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia), Warsaw (Poland), Vienna and Berlin (journey time from Berlin to Kyiv: 24 hours; advance booking recommended.) The Ukrainian Carpathians are also accessible via Slovakia (via Košice, border station Čierna nad Tisou) or Hungary (via Debrecen, border station Zahony) From the Ukrainian border crossing Chop, it is possible to continue your journey to Lemberg (Lviv).

Arrival by ship

The Danube connects the Danube countries with Ukrainian cities that are visited on river cruises. The Black Sea port of Odessa and the Danube port of Ismail are the main port cities. Connections to the Russian ports of Novorossiysk and Sochi as well as to Batumi and Sukhumi in Georgia.

Cruise ships

Phoenix offers combined river and sea cruises on the Danube and Black Sea from Kyiv to various Ukrainian ports. Warning: European cruise ships are currently prohibited from docking in ports in Crimea.

Routes across the rivers

Among others, the shipping companies nicko cruises, arosa and Phoenix offer cruises on the Danube from Germany and Austria to the Ukraine.

How to get to Ukraine