Interstate 11 and 15 in Arizona

By | October 31, 2022

Arizona Interstate 11

Get started Phoenix
End Hoover Dam
Length ~265 mi
Length ~425 km

According to transporthint, Interstate 11 is a future Interstate Highway in the US state of Arizona. The exact route has not yet been determined, but must run from the Phoenix area to the Nevada border at the Hoover Dam. The planned length is approximately 425 kilometers, but depends on the variant ultimately chosen.

Travel directions

Phoenix Region

Various variants have been developed in the Phoenix region. I-11 will likely run along the southwest side of Phoenix on a newly-constructed freeway. In any case, it will be west of Loop 303 and southwest of Loop 202. The starting point is near the Interstate 8 and Interstate 10 interchange at Casa Grande, halfway between Tucson and Phoenix. How the I-11 will proceed from there to Wickenburg is not yet known. The highway is likely to intersect I-10 near Buckeye, either via a new direct route, or via I-8 and State Route 85. The planned route will pass approximately 15 miles west of Loop 303 and close near Wickenburg to existing US 93.

Phoenix – Nevada

From Wickenburg, I-11 will most likely follow the existing US 93, with a new bypass from Wickenburg and probably largely follow the existing route of US 93 to Interstate 40 east of Kingman. Then an approximately 35 kilometer long double numbering will follow westward with I-40. From Kingman, the route runs northwest on US 93 to the Nevada border, which is formed by the Colorado River. The Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge crosses this gorge. Interstate 11 in Nevada then continues to Las Vegas.


With the strong growth of the Las Vegas and Phoenix metropolitan areas, in the 1980s, desires began to arise for an Interstate Highway between the two cities. They are the largest metropolitan areas in the United States that are not connected by an Interstate Highway. Planning became more concrete from the 1990s, and as an interim measure, Arizona widened much of US 93 between Phoenix and the Nevada state line to a 2×2 divided highway. This route will be relatively easy to convert into a freeway.


In 2014, the first ‘Future Interstate 11’ signs were placed along US 93 in Arizona. A large-scale study ( EIS ) has been carried out since 2015 which led to a record of decision for the route between Nogales and Wickenburg on November 16, 2021. The route was determined here.

In the preferred alternative, I-11 initially follows the existing Interstate 17 from Nogales north to Tucson, where a choice had to be made between a route over the existing I-17 and I-10, or a route west of Tucson, west of the mountains. From Mile 225 of Interstate 10 north of Tucson, I-11 follows an individual route, parallel to I-10 to Casa Grande, where it briefly meets I-8 west. I-11 then travels well southwest of Phoenix through the desert to State Route 85and follow it to I-10 at Buckeye, west of Phoenix. The planned route then coincides with I-10 westward to Mile 100, after which a new route through the desert north to US 93 at Wickenburg is established.

However, there is still no concrete funding for the large-scale construction of the I-11 in Arizona.

Arizona Interstate 15

Get started Littlefield
End State Line
Length 29 mi
Length 47 km
Nevada state line

8 Littlefield

9 Sage Brush

18 Virgin River Canyon

27 Black Rock Road

Utah state line

According to travelationary, Interstate 15 or I -15 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Arizona. The highway runs through the far northwest of the state, and recently has been worth its short length as the highway cuts through the canyons of the Virgin River. The track in Arizona is 47 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Arizona Interstate 15

Nevada Interstate 15 crosses the Arizona border at Mesquite, where the desert continues. The highway in Arizona has 4 exits, but only one of them leads to the hamlet of Littlefield, the rest lead to roads to nowhere. After this, we dive into the canyon of the Virgin River, perhaps one of the most spectacular desert highways in the United States, with high rock formations on both sides of the road. To the south lies the Grand Canyon, which separates this part of Arizona from the rest, it is also not possible to cross the Grand Canyon here, you can only do that via Las Vegas, or via St. George in Utah. The passage through the Virgin River Canyon is approximately 25 kilometers long. A little further one crosses the border with Utah, where Interstate 15 in Utahcontinues.


The old route was on US 91, but at the time of planning the Interstate Highway system, it was decided to cut off about 20 miles to pass through the scenic Virgin River Gorge. The highway was built in the 1960s. The US 91 was then terminated. In January 1963, the first section opened between Mequite and Littlefield. The highway was fully opened on December 14, 1973 over 34 kilometers. The highway is known as the most beautiful highway in the state. At the time, Arizona’s I-15 was Arizona’s most expensive rural highway, costing $10 million a mile. (4.5 million euros per kilometre).

Between 2014 and 2023, the stretch through the Virgin River Gorge has undergone significant renovation, in particular the many bridges on this stretch have been replaced or renovated.

Traffic intensities

# 2013 2016
Nevada state line 23,000 27,200
Exit 8 Littlefield 18,000 17,400
Exit 18 Cedar Pocket 20,000 19.100
Utah state line 18,000 19.100

Lane Configuration

From Unpleasant Lanes Comments
exit 0 Exit 29 2×2

Arizona Interstate 15