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By | January 15, 2023

Iraq: Political System

According to EQUZHOU.NET, Iraq is a federal republic with Islam as the state religion. The unicameral parliament (Majlis an-Nuwaab) consists of 275 elected members, 25% of the seats are reserved for women. The election takes place every 4 years. The election of the three-member presidential council, consisting of the president and 2 vice-presidents, is done by parliament. See AbbreviationFinder for more information about Iraq politics, and acronyms as well. The official name of the country is:


  • Republic of Iraq
  • Arabic الجمهورية العراقية – al-Ǧumhūriyya al-ʿIrāqiyya
  • kurd. کۆماری عێراق – Komara Îraqê

National anthem

Mautini “(My Home) has been Iraq’s national anthem since 2004. Ibrahim Touqan wrote the lyrics, the music is by Walid Georges Gholmieh. The well-known Arabic folk song is also the unofficial hymn of Palestine.

In the English translation

My homeSplendor and beauty,

sublimity and grace

Are in your hills

life and freedom

Joy and hope

Are in your air

Will I see you?

Safe and comfortable

Healthy and honored

Will I see you?

In Your Eminence

To reach the stars

My home

My home

The youth will not tire

Your goal is your independence

Or they will die

We will drink from death

But we will never be slaves to the enemy

We never want an

eternal humiliation again

Another miserable life

We don’t want

But we will

return to our Great Glory

My Home

My HomeThe sword and the feather

Are our symbols

Neither speak nor fight

Our honor and our promise

And the task of making this

move moves us.

Our pride: an honorable target

And a raised flag

Your beauty

In your high esteem

Victorious over your enemies

My home

My home

National flag

The national flag (country flag) of Iraq was officially introduced on January 21, 2008. Based on flag descriptions by, it has three horizontal stripes in the colors red, white and black. In the white field there is the inscription “Allāhu Akbar” (الله اكبر,: “God is greatest”) in dark green Arabic script.


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