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By | January 15, 2023

Liechtenstein: Political System

According to COMPUTERMINUS.COM, the form of government of Liechtenstein is that of a constitutional hereditary monarchy. Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein has been regent since 1989. The affairs of state took over in 2004 the Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein. See AbbreviationFinder for more information about Liechtenstein politics, and acronyms as well.

The Landtag of Liechtenstein, i.e. the state’s legislature, consists of 25 members who are elected by the people every four years. However, every law must be sanctioned by the prince within six months. At the suggestion of the state parliament, the head of government and four councilors (the executive) are appointed by the prince. Since the constitutional amendment of March 16, 2003, the prince can dismiss the government at any time and without giving reasons (Article 80 of the Liechtenstein constitution). The full name of the prince reads: “Prince von und zu Liechtenstein, Duke von Troppau and Jägerndorf, Count zu Rietberg, ruler of the house von und zu Liechtenstein”.

The official name of the country is:

Principality of Liechtenstein

National anthem

Based on flag descriptions by, the national anthem of Liechtenstein was written by Jakob Josef Jauch in 1850. Their melody is identical to the British national anthem. It became the Principality’s official anthem in 1920 and reads:

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Up on the young Rhine, Liechtenstein leans

against alpine heights.

This dear homeland,

the dear fatherland,

has seen God’s wise hand

for us.

Long live Liechtenstein

flourishing on the young Rhine,

happy and loyal.

Long live the prince of the country, long live

our fatherland, united and free

through brotherly love ties


Liechtenstein: Known People

Alois Philipp Maria, Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein and Count von Rietberg (born 1968)

Alois, born in Zurich, is the eldest son of Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein and his wife Marie Aglaë, Countess Kinsky von Wchinitz and Tettau. He has been the prince’s deputy since 2004. It is expected that he will be called Alois III. Will become Prince of Liechtenstein.

Marco Büchel (born 1971)

Marco Büchel was born in 1971 in Walenstadt, Switzerland, and made a name for himself as a Liechtenstein skier. He has so far participated in five Winter Olympic Games.

Sabine Michaela Dünser (1977-2006)

The singer, who unfortunately died very young, has released a total of four albums with her Liechtenstein band “Elis”.

Franz Joseph II., Prince of Liechtenstein (1906-1989)

Under the government of this Liechtenstein Prince, women were given the right to vote in the Principality for the first time. In addition, the very popular monarch ensured that the poor agricultural country of Liechtenstein became one of the richest countries in the world.

Mario Frick (born 1974)

The Liechtenstein soccer player, who was born in Chur, Switzerland, achieved at the age of 26 what none of his compatriots had done before: He played for (non-Swiss) foreign countries. In total, he has participated in more than 400 professional games and scored more than 100 goals, which makes him the most successful Liechtenstein footballer of all time.

Paul Frommelt (born 1957)

This skier was born in Schaan in 1957. The slalom specialist won four championships in this discipline over the course of his career.

Willi Frommelt (born 1952)

Willi Frommelt, born in 1952 in Schaan, was a successful skier from Liechtenstein.

Josef Gabriel (1839-1901)

This composer and music pedagogue was born in today’s Liechtenstein capital Vaduz in 1839.

Ursula Gregg (born 1959)

The skier, who was born as Ursula Konzett in Triesen, competes for her home country Liechtenstein.

Hans-Adam II., Prince of Liechtenstein (born 1945)

Hans Adam II. Is the currently reigning 15th Prince of Liechtenstein. According to statistics from 2006, he was the richest ruling monarch on earth that year.

Otmar Hasler (born 1953)

The current Prime Minister of the Principality of Liechtenstein is also the leader of his country’s Civil Progress Party.

Peter Jehle (born 1982)

This Liechtenstein goalkeeper currently plays in France for Tours FC.

Sophie Elisabeth Marie Gabrielle von und zu Liechtenstein, Countess zu Rietberg (born 1967)

Hereditary Princess Sophie, born in Munich in 1967, has been a citizen of the Principality since her marriage to the Liechtenstein heir to the throne.

Ernst Joseph Walch (born 1956)

Walch has been Foreign Minister of Liechtenstein since April.

Hanni Weirather (born 1956)

The former ski racer, born in 1956 as Hannelore Wenzel in Straubing, was Liechtenstein’s first female Olympic champion at the time.

Andreas Wenzel (born 1958)

The successful former ski racer from Liechtenstein, nicknamed “Andy”, has been President of the Liechtenstein Ski Association (LSV) since 2007.

Liechtenstein Politics