List of MBA Colleges in Idaho

By | January 15, 2023

MBA Programs in Idaho

Welcome to the top MBA directory in Idaho. We have created the list of best Idaho business colleges that provide BBA, MBA or DBA programs. Most business schools offer full-time, part-time and executive education. Such rankings are based on the student surveys, alumni reviews, admissions profiles, employment rates, average starting salary and peer school assessment. To find out detailed information about admissions and career about each school in Idaho, just follow the link below.

Idaho [a i ʹdəho u ], abbreviated ID, state of the northwest US; 216,432 km2, 1.8 million residents (2018).Idaho is one of the Mountain States. The capital is Boise. Check abbreviationfinder for more abbreviations of Idaho as well as other acronyms that have the same abbreviation like Idaho. Visit topschoolsoflaw for top law colleges in Idaho.

Idaho Location Map

Idaho. State Map.


Idaho’s topography varies greatly. To the east, the state of Montana and Wyoming is bounded by the Bitterroot Range mountain range with peaks over 3,000 feet above sea level. Southern Idaho is flatter and dewatered by the Snake River. In western Idaho, the river cuts through the lava field of the Columbia Plateau into a deep canyon. Large parts of Idaho are overgrown with forests, dominated by conifers: different species of pine, hemlock, spruce and larch.

Idaho Sight

Idaho. Sawtooth Mountains in central Idaho.

The average temperature depends on the altitude conditions and varies between −5 °C and −10 °C in January and 15 °C and 23 °C in July. The rainfall is normally just over 500 mm in the north and about 300 mm in the south.


Idaho has a slightly lower population growth than the average for the United States. 93 percent of the residents are white, many of Scandinavian origin. The majority of the population lives adjacent to the Snake River valley. Boise is the dominant city, with 218,300 residents (2016). The Mormon Church has a strong position in southeastern Idaho. See towns in Idaho.

Idaho Population


Agriculture and forestry are important industries. The forest, mainly coniferous forest, covers just over 1/3 of Idaho’s acreage, while agricultural land makes up 1/4 of the acreage. Agriculture is mainly conducted in the Snake River valley, partly by means of irrigation. Idaho accounts for 1/4 of the US potato harvest, and wheat, sugar beets and fodder crops are also grown. Livestock management is extensive and focuses on both meat and dairy products.

Mining traditionally plays a major role, but has recently declined in importance. The industry, which for a long time primarily refined the state’s own products from agriculture, forestry and mining, has recently diversified and achieved significant growth in the high-tech industry with the production of components for the computer industry. Idaho’s many national parks and ski areas such as Sun Valley contribute to tourism being a major source of income.

Idaho. Sun Valley.

Tourism and gastronomy

For people interested in nature, outdoor life and winter sports, Idaho is an attractive destination. The state has magnificent scenery, a number of popular recreational areas as well as attractions such as the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve (just over 100 km northwest of Pocatello) and Hells Canyon (one of America’s deepest canyons) in the Snake River on the Oregon border.

Idaho. Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve in central Idaho consist of a rugged landscape.

The ski resorts are many, among the most famous are the resort of Sun Vally, located 160 km east of Boise. In the historic Nez Percé National Park east of Lewiston there are many interesting monuments from ancient times, most related to the Nez Percé Indians.

In terms of food, the state is known for a single product – potatoes. Baked and stuffed, these have become a concept, and this rather useful dish is a welcome break from the otherwise rather rustic diet in Idaho. Thick steaks and delicious lamb chops, but without much refinement in the seasoning if you are not lucky enough to meet a chef who comes from the Basque immigrants who are here.

Accessories (or breakfast) are often made up of hashed idaho potatoes, preferably baked, chopped potatoes fried in plenty of bacon fat and seasoned with Worcestershire sauce and chili pepper.


Idaho was discovered by Europeans in 1805, but was long inhabited only by native Indians, fur hunters, and missionaries. During the 1860s, when gold was discovered in the area, the area began to have a resident population. Idaho became Territory in 1863 and the state in 1890 and then gained its present boundaries. Like many states in the West, Idaho was politically radical in the beginning, and later in the 20th century slipped over in a conservative direction.

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