London Attractions

By | October 19, 2021

London in particular has many interesting sights to offer. Highlights is the Palace of Westminster or Houses of Parliament. The Palace is the seat of the British House of Lords and the House of Parliament. The building itself was built in the neo-Gothic style and is located near the Thames in Westminster.

The Palace of Westminster was actually built as a residence for the royal family. The House of Parliament was almost completely destroyed in a fire in 1834.

The most famous part of the building is the clock tower with the bell inside. Locals and tourists also call the tower Big Ben. The heaviest of the bells there weighs 13.8 tons. After it was poured, it even weighed seventeen tons. But it was damaged during the conquests. Therefore this was melted down in order to cast a new, somewhat lighter bell.

Another part of the Palace of Westminster is the tower of Sir Benjamin Hall. It is over 96 meters high. The clock face there is also not exactly small. It has a diameter of eight meters. The melodies played by the clock come from Georg Friedrich Handel’s Messiah.

Structurally, some parts of the Palace of Westminster have been changed several times, be it due to damage, higher forces of nature or simply because the kings of the time no longer liked it.

An absolute must for visitors to London is Westminster Abbey, the most famous church in London. But that’s not really the name of the church. Its real name is The Kollegiate Church of St. Peter.

Up until now all kings have traditionally been crowned and buried here, so Westminster Abbey is also non-denominational. The church was built on this site between the years 1045 and 1065 under Edward the Confessor. Only Henry the Third had today’s Westminster Abbey built in 1245. The two main towers were not added until about five hundred years later by the architect Christopher Wren.

According to paradisdachat, one of the sights worth seeing in London is St. Margaret’s Church, which was originally intended as the parish church of the surrounding regions. It was built in the twelfth century, but rebuilt in the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries. It became the official parish church of Parliament in 1614. This was justified by the fact that the Puritans were absolutely against the splendor of the nearby Westminster Abbey and therefore held masses in the less splendid St. Margaret’s Church. So the church is still the official parish church of Parliament to this day.
It only got its current appearance in 1877 in the course of renovations by the architect Georg Gilbert Scott.

Who green spaces and parks searches in London will quickly find what you are looking for. The green areas and parks make up a total of 80 square kilometers in the urban area.
They are all worth seeing, as each is something special in itself. Some of the city’s parks would be Beattersea Park, Green Park, Hampstead Head, and Park Lane.

London also has some interesting places to offer. The most famous among them is Trafalgar Square. It’s right in the center of London. The plans drawn up by John Nash for the square date back to 1812. However, he could no longer be there, as it was only Sir Charles Barry who designed the square after Nash’s death.
Because of those there Nelson’s Column, the square is known worldwide. The column has a height of 53 meters.
Tourists like to come here as they are allowed to feed pigeons, which is forbidden in other parts of London.

Other special places in the English city are Piccadilly Circus, Bank, Leicester Square and Red Lion Square.

There is also a long list of different museums in London. B. the Benthal Green Museum of Childhood, the British Museum and the Cabinet War Rooms.

Of course, art is not neglected in the capital of Great Britain either. So there are a few here Opera houses, concert halls and theaters. There are plenty of

shopping opportunities in London. Be it huge department stores or antique markets.

There are also some sacred buildings in London to be seen here. The most famous sacred building in the city and also its landmark is the St. Paul’s Cathedral. The first St. Paul’s Cathedrale was built here in 604. Over the centuries it has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. It was not until 1628 that the renovations began to give the church its present-day appearance.
This lasted thirty-five years. The then architect Christopher Wren could no longer complete his work, which his son took over.
Inside the St. Pauls Cathedrale there are a lot of interesting things to see, such as the dome room, the high altar, the choir, etc.

Other churches worth seeing in London are the Temple Church, St. Mary-at-Lambeth and St. Mary-le-Strand.

The highlight of a visit to London is probably the Tower of London. The complex was built from several buildings in the Middle Ages. The Tower of London has had an exciting history over the centuries. It has already been used as a fortress, armory, dungeon and other things. Even the British kings lived here.
Today the Tower of London is the repository of the British Crown Jewels. The Tower of London has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988.

London has other interesting buildings to offer, such as Horse Guards, Stock Exchange, Old Bailey, Canary Wharf or St. James Palace.

London Attractions