Moldova Political System, Famous People, Animals and Plants

By | January 15, 2023

Moldova: Political System

According to COMPUTERMINUS.COM, Moldova is a republic. The unicameral parliament consists of 101 members who are elected every four years. The head of state is elected by parliament every five years. Gagauzia, in the very south of the country, and the Dniester Republic (Transnistria) each have an autonomous status with their own legislation. See AbbreviationFinder for more information about Moldova politics, and acronyms as well.

The official name of the country is:

Republic of Moldova Republica Moldova

National anthem

Based on flag descriptions by, Limba Noastră (Our Language) has been the national anthem of Moldova since 1994. The text was written by Alexei Mateevici (1888-1917), five stanzas were selected for the hymn from the original twelve-stanza poem. The music for this was composed by Alexandru Cristea (1890-1942).

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In the English translation

That buried in the deep,A chain of precious stones

scattered on our land.Our language is a burning fire in the

midst of a people who

woke up from their death sleep without news

like the hero from fairy tales.Our language is a green leaf

The rustling of the eternal forests,

The calm ripple of the Dniestr hides

The candlesticks of the stars.Our language is a blessed language,

The language of the ancient sermons

That wept and sung

By the peasants in their home.

A treasure will rise up

that is buried in the deep,

A chain of precious stones

scattered on our land.

Moldova: Known People

Architects and builders

Alexei Viktorovich Shtusev (1873 to 1949), architect

After the Second World War, he worked out plans for the reconstruction of destroyed Soviet cities, including for Chişinău. One of his most famous late works is the Moscow Komsomolskaya metro station.


Pavel Braila was born in Chisinau in 1971.

The internationally renowned artist has exhibited at the Documenta 11 in Kassel, among others.


Maria Cebotari (1910 to 1949), opera singer

She appeared at the Salzburg Festival as early as 1931, later became a valued interpreter at the Berlin State Opera, member of the Vienna State Opera and chamber singer.

Natural scientist

Dimitri Cantemir (1673 to 1723), Voivode of Moldavia, humanist and universal scientist

In 1711, just one year after the beginning of his reign, he had to emigrate to Russia due to a defeat by the Ottomans, where he stayed until his death. As a historian, music theorist, geographer, encyclopedist and linguist, he left behind many important works.

William Frederick Friedman (1891 to 1969), cryptologist

Born in Moldova, he worked for the US secret service even before the start of World War II and developed statistical methods for decrypting encoded messages.

Politicians and rulers

Ştefan cel Mare or Stefan the Great (around 1433 to 1504), Prince of the Moldau (Vojwode)

The outstanding general achieved great fame in the resistance against the Ottomans. He fought 36 major battles, of which he lost only two, and during his reign he managed to secure Moldova’s independence.

Ion Constantin Inculeţ (1884 to 1940), scientist and politician.

He was very committed to the independence of his country and was briefly president in 1917.

Actors, directors, film producers

Samuel Bronston (1908 to 1994), American film producer

Born in Moldova, he produced eleven films in Hollywood.

Lewis Milestone (Lev Milstein, 1895 to 1980), film director, screenwriter and film producer

The Moldovan Jew moved to the United States before the outbreak of the First World War and made a career in Hollywood. For his films “Schlachtenbummler” and “Nothing New in the West” he received an Oscar for best director.


Grzegorz Grzeban (actually Bagdasarian, 1902 to 1991), study composer

The biochemist moved to Warsaw after World War II and in 1960 received the title of International Arbitrator for Chess Composition from FIDE.

Victor Viorel Bologan (born 1971) world-class

chess master

Almira Scriptschenko (born 1976),

French chess player of Moldovan origin

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