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Monaco: Political System

According to CANCERMATTERS.NET, Monaco is a parliamentary inheritance principality. The prince has suzerainty over the executive and exercises considerable power in the principality. Officially, official business is carried out by the government, which consists of a minister of state and three councilors with their respective ministers. See AbbreviationFinder for more information about Monaco politics, and acronyms as well.

The head of government is appointed on the proposal of France and is under the authority of the prince.

Parliament is a unicameral system. It consists of the National Council (Conseil National) with 18 members, which is elected every five years. However, the parliament only has fewer rights

When the Grimaldi dynasty dies, the state of Monaco falls to France.

Prince Albert II (born 1958) has been the country’s head of state since April 6, 2005.

The official name of the country is:

Principauté de Monaco Principality of Monaco

The national anthem of Monaco is in French

Principauté Monaco, ma patrie,oh! Combien Dieu est prodigue pour toi.

Ciel toujours pur, rives toujours fleuries,

ton souvérain est plus aimé qu’un Roi.

Tone souvérain est plus aimé qu’un Roi.

Fiers Compagnons de la Garde Civique,

respectons tous la voix du Commandant.

Suivons toujours notre bannière antique.

Le tambour bat, marchons tous en avant,

le tambour bat, marchons tous en avant.

Oui, Monaco connut toujours des braves.

Nous sommes tous leurs dignes descendants.

En aucun temps nous ne fumes esclaves,

et loin de nous, régnèrent les tyrans,

et loin de nous, régnèrent les tyrans.

Que le nom d’un Prince plein de clémence

soit repété par mille et mille chants.

Nous mourons tous pour sa propre

defense, mais après nous combattront nos enfants,

mais après nous combattront nos enfants.

And in the English translation

Principality of Monaco, my fatherland,oh what abundance God has given you.

The sky is always clear, the shore is always blooming,

your prince is loved more than a king.

Brave comrades of the Civil Guard,

let us always obey the voice of our commanding officer.

If we always follow our old banner,

the drum beats, we march on.

Yes, Monaco has always known the brave,

we are all their worthy descendants.

And at no time have we been slaves;

far from us have tyrants reigned.

That the name of our prince may be

celebrated mildly in a thousand and thousand songs!

And if we all give our lives to protect him,

our children will fight it out better.

National flag

Based on flag descriptions by, the state flag of Monaco was officially introduced in 1881. The flag colors of Monaco are attested to the year 1339. They go back to the coat of arms of the Grimaldi family.

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Monaco: Known People

Rulers of Monaco

Francois Grimaldi

When the Grimaldis were expelled from Genoa, the fortress of Monaco was in the hands of their opponents, the Ghibellines (Staufer).

For this reason, on January 8, 1297 soldiers of the Grimaldis and their allied Guelfischer (Welfen) families disguised as Franciscan monks under the command of Francois (Francesco) Grimaldi invaded Monaco and thus conquered the fortress of Monaco, which for the first time into the Hand of the Grimaldis fell.

Honoré II of Monaco (1597-1662)

Honoré II of Monaco was born on December 24, 1597. He came from the Grimaldi family. He came from the Grimaldi family and was Lord and later Prince of Monaco from 1604 to 1662.

Under him the small state was ruled absolutistically. He died on January 10, 1662. He was succeeded by his grandson Louis I (1642-1701), whose father was killed in an accident.

Albert I of Monaco (1848-1922)

Albert I of Monaco actually Albert Honoré Charles Grimaldi was born on November 13, 1848. Albert I was the ruling Prince of Monaco from 1889 until his death.

His great passion was the exploration of the seas. His love for the sea was perhaps also due to the fact that he served in the Spanish Navy at the age of 17, but switched to the French Navy during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71.

He died in Paris on June 26, 1922.

Rainier III. Prince Grimaldi of Monaco (1923-2005)

Rainier Grimaldi Prince of Monaco was born in Monaco on May 30, 1923. He led Monaco from May 1949 to March 2005 as the ruling prince.

He gained worldwide fame through his marriage on April 18, 1956 (civil) and April 19, 1956 (church) with the actress Grace Kelly.

The three children Caroline, Albert and Stéphanie resulted from the marriage.

During his reign a pier for luxury ships was built and he expanded the national territory by extracting land from the sea.

He died on April 6, 2005 after a long illness in his hometown Monaco.

Gracia Patricia Princess of Monaco (1929-1982)

Gracia Patricia Princess of Monaco formerly the American actress Grace Kelly – was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia in the US state of Pennsylvania.

She played her most important roles in the films: Twelve Noon from 1952, Mogambo from 1953, A Window to the Courtyard from 1954, A Country Girl from 1956, and her last film The Top Ten Thousands from 1956, and she also appeared in numerous TV productions.

Her marriage to Rainier Grimaldi Prince of Monaco on April 18, 1956 (civil) and April 19, 1956 (church) caused a great stir worldwide.

The three children Caroline, Albert and Stéphanie resulted from the marriage.

She died in a car accident on September 14, 1982. Her 17-year-old daughter Stéphanie, who survived the accident injured, was also in the car.

Caroline (born 1957)

Caroline Princess of Hanover was born on January 23, 1957 in Monaco as the eldest daughter of Prince Rainier III. of Monaco and his wife Gracia Patricia Princess of Monaco (Grace Kelly).

In 1978 she married the finance broker Philippe Junot in Monaco, from whom she divorced in 1980. Three years later she married the Italian Stefano Casiraghi (* 1960-1990), who was killed in a boat accident at the Off-Shore World Cup off Cap Ferrat. The marriage had three children. After that she was in a relationship with the French film actor Vincent Lindon until 1995.

She has been married to Ernst August Prince of Hanover since January 1999 and has been Caroline Princess of Hanover since then.

A daughter born in 1999 comes from this marriage.

Albert II. Prince of Monaco (born 1958)

Albert II was born on March 14, 1958 in Monaca as the second child of the then Prince Rainier III. of Monaco and his wife Gracia Patricia Princess of Monaco (Grace Kelly).

Since the death of his father he has been the ruling prince of Monaco. His marriage on July 1, 2011 to Charlene Lynette Wittstock, a South African born in what is now Zimbabwe, caused a sensation.

Stéphanie Princess of Monaco (born 1965)

Stéphanie Marie Elisabeth Grimaldi Princess of Monaco was born on February 1, 1965 in Monaco as the youngest daughter of the then Prince Rainier of Monaco and his wife Gracia Patricia Princess of Monaco (Grace Kelly).

She became known in the press especially through her men. She had relationships with the sons of Paul Belmondo and Anthony Delon and then with the realtor Jean-Yves Lefur.

In 1995 she married her then bodyguard Daniel Ducruet, with whom she has two children, but the marriage ended in divorce in 1996.

She has had a daughter with her bodyguard Jean-Raymond Gottlieb since 1998. She had other relationships with the Swiss circus director Franco Knie as well as a palace waiter and a gardener.

In 2003 she married the artist Adans Lopez Peres, from whom she divorced in 2004.

She had tried little success as a singer, so in 1991 she recorded the song In the Closet for Jackson’s album Dangerous together with Michael Jackson and in 2006 she participated in the French benefit song L’or de nos vie for the Aids Foundation.

Charlène Lynette Grimaldi (1978)

Charlène Lynette Grimaldi was born on January 25, 1978 in Bulawayo in what is now Zimbabwe as Charlene Lynette Wittstock.

She used to be a swimmer from South Africa. She has been Princess of Monaco since her marriage to Prince Albert II (born 1958) on July 1, 2011.

She achieved her greatest international successes in 1999 at the “All Africa Games” in Johannesburg, where she was victorious in the 100 m back and 100 m freestyle.

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