Nothing of Alternatives: Apple Prohibits The Broadcasting of The Keynote at The Event Parallel AltConf [Updated]

Update: It seems that Apple has finally given back-up and allow the retransmission of the keynote at the event AltConf.

Just three days that start the keynote, Apple still makes gestures to prioritize its official broadcast. The AltConf, event parallel and alternative to developers who do not have entry to the WWDC, which Flock has received the express prohibition of Apple to make they can not broadcast the video of the event (isn’t the only parallel event, also there have been years with the IndieDevLab).

So far, the AltConf He had always issued that video without problems. And indeed anyone can play it for free from a Mac with Safari, iOS device or an Apple TV. Then, why ban issue it in a place where there is just a good community of developers interested in seeing the news?

The answer lies in that the AltConf takes money ($300) for tickets and a privileged seat to see that relay. And of course, being a live video which is issued publicly, in Cupertino are the parallel event It is benefiting from something which should not benefit.

Apple recognizes that it has a problem with their tails “First Come, First Serve” for those who want to enter to see the keynote

This will be a jug of cold water for the assistants to the AltConf, since even having paid the entrance you will find that the best will be to go to someone’s House to see the keynote. At the same time, Apple recognizes that it has a problem with the allocation of seats for WWDC attendees who want to see the keynote, as there is no priority: who comes first, sits. And if there is no site when you arrive, you get out as much as you paid your ticket.

Whatever it is, those who are thousands of miles of distance we will continue and may see live keynote from the official website. And we will be here to cover it, of course.