Particular The Apple Campus Store Closed Its Doors to Be Redesigned under The Supervision of Jony Ive

The Apple Campus in Cupertino is one of the world’s most hermetic places, but there are two areas open to visitors, a public and more private need some employee, Café Caffè Macs invitation. The Company Store on the other hand is a rare bird, anyone can pass through its doors, but unlike any the company store, is unique in that instead of iPhones and Macs are t-shirts, jackets, cups and pens official with the Apple logo.

As well, Apple will close this unique store of the n ° 1 of Infinite Loop from next week to reform it and, according to sources close, enter in this space historical elements making it also a kind of Museum of the company.

Welcome to the Apple Company Store. The Company Store is original for employees of Apple, located in the central offices of the company in Cupertino. We are open to the public, but we are somewhat different to your usual Apple Store. While we do not sell computers or iPhones or have a Genius Bar, we are the only place in the world that sells t-shirts, hats and accessories with the Apple logo. So if you’re in the San Francisco Bay area, do not hesitate to visit us.

The new space will open again after the summer, but rumors suggest that there is the possibility that Apple no longer offer merchandising with its logo, so if you hope to get one of those t-shirts “I visited the Apple campus, but that is all I have allowed to say,” better health cure and approaching before Friday day 12.

The duo The Civil Wars on a recent visit to the store.
The 80, that great moment for Apple fashion

The news comes just a few weeks after the appointment of Jony Ive as Senior Manager of Apple design, a charge that, in the words of Tim Cook, expands the responsibilities of design Jony “from the hardware and, more recently, to the software’s user interface, to the appearance of the stores Apple, our new campus in Cupertino, the packaging of the product, and many other parts of our company.”