Sights of Corfu, Greece

By | November 17, 2022

The island of Corfu (also written as Corfu) is one of the Ionian Islands, located west of mainland Greece. The location of Corfu ensures that there is more precipitation in the early and late season than on many other Greek islands. As a result, nature on Corfu has a relatively green character. The many coves with gravel beaches are ideal for snorkelers. Corfu is a popular holiday destination among Dutch tourists. If you want to see more of Corfu than the beach, you can choose from various sights.

Top 10 sights of Corfu (Corfu)

#1. Corfu Town
According to BIOTIONARY.COM, Corfu Town has a number of historical sites. For example the Cathedral of Panagia Spiliotissa, Church of St. Spiridon, the ancient fortress Palaio Frourio, the Platitera Monastery, St. Jason and St. Sossipatros Church and a town hall. It is clear to see how the influences of the English and Venetians are still visible. The French influences can be found in the planted trees around the park in Kerkyra town. The many museums in the city will teach you a lot about, among other things, the history of Corfu and its culture.

#2. Archaeological Museum
Armeni Vraila is home to the Archaeological Museum of Corfu. Here you will learn more about the history of Corfu through various objects from excavations. The Temple of Atremis is one of the most important objects on display. Furthermore, there is a copy of the torso of Apollo, ancient coins and excavations from the district of Thesprotia.

#3. Korissionmeer
The Korissionmeer is a particularly beautiful piece of protected nature reserve. The lake is connected to the sea by a very narrow piece. Along the lake you will find high sand dunes and patches of forest. Several species of birds can be spotted here. The lake is ideal for all kinds of water activities. In the nearby villages, time has sometimes stood still. Women dressed in traditional costume still bake their own bread every day in a traditional way.

#4. Angelokastro in Kerkyra
Angelokastro is an important Byzantine castle in Corfu. Due to its special location on top of the highest mountain on the coast, the castle has an imposing appearance. On the east side there is an associated chapel partly in a rock. It is quite a climb to get to Angelokastro, but then you will be rewarded with an amazing view over the island. Fortunately, there is also a catering facility where you can have a drink. Near the castle is the place Palaiokastritsa.

#5. Kavos
Almost at the southernmost tip of Corfu is the fishing village of Kavos. There is plenty to do for tourists. All water sports facilities can be found on the beach. Various excursions such as boat trips to nearby islands such as Paxos can be booked. Or maybe a walk to Cape Asprokavos. It is very worthwhile to visit the Panayia Arkoudillas Monastery there. The nightlife of Kavos is well known. Many clubs, bars and discos let the tourists party until the early morning.

#6. Museum of Asian art at Palaia Anaktora
The museum of Asian art is located in the former palace of St. Michael and St. George on the Esplanade. A collection of more than 10,000 art objects can be admired in this excellent location on a very beautiful square. The collection largely comes from Gregorius Manos and a number of Greek diplomats.

#7. Achillion Palace in Gastouri
The Achilleion Palace in Corfu was built for Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria, also known as Sissy. A year after the death of her son, she had this summer palace built in Gastouri. The palace is surrounded by Greek statues in a beautiful garden. From the garden you have a breathtaking view over the island and the sea.

#8. Pontikonisi island
Pontikonisi is also called mouse island. The uninhabited island is opposite Kanoni and has the most photographed monastery of Corfu, the Vlaherna Monastery. You will find a church from the 12th century and a souvenir shop on the small island.

#9. Agios Georgios
On the northwest coast of Corfu lies Agios Georgios. This seaside resort is well known among the tourists. The beautiful sandy beaches are perfect for a day of lazing by the beautiful sea of ​​Corfu. There is not much to do in the village. There is a church and furthermore you will find some olive groves on the edge of the village. Most entertainment is near the beach, where there are plenty of restaurants and hotels.

#10. Pantokrator
The Pantokrator is the highest mountain of Corfu. The mountain is located in the northeast of the island and is more than 900 meters high. Via several villages you reach the top of the mountain where there is a monastery from the 14th century and there is a cafe. With clear weather you have a view as far as Albania.

Corfu, Greece