Sights of Liberia

By | April 21, 2022

Along the sea coast stretched the capital of Liberia – Monorvia. The coastal part of the city is cut by numerous bays, lagoons and rocky capes. Most of the city’s restaurants and nightclubs are concentrated in one area – near Harley Street. There are several good beaches within the city, but a favorite vacation spot not only for residents of the city, but also for tourists visiting it, is Lake Piso, which lies 80 km from Monorvia. The lake has excellent opportunities for water sports and fishing. It will also be interesting to visit the largest rubber plantations of Firestone, excursions here are conducted with a guide. Of course, the main attraction of Liberia is its nature. Humid and warm climate, close location to the Atlantic, allowed Liberia to become a country with the richest flora and fauna. One of these attractions is the Kpa-Tave waterfalls located near the capital. However, getting here is not so easy, as the roads here are very bad,  so it is recommended to rent a jeep or other four-wheel drive vehicle. The largest tourist area in Liberia is the Sapo National Park. The park covers an area of 1800 sq. km and today is the only national park in the country, and the second largest in West Africa, second only to the Thai National Park. Most of all, Sapo is known for the fact that a huge number of wild animals live on its territory, ranging from gorillas to elephants and pygmy hippos. A significant part of the park is covered with dense tropical forests, strictly protected by the state. You can get here, as in other parts of Liberia, only by off-road vehicles.

National cuisine of Liberia

Being in Liberia, a tourist may be surprised by such an abundant variety of dishes on the table. It can be the national dish Dumboi or Fu-fu, which are made from cassava and topped with plenty of palm oil and palava sauce. Meat is no less popular here. Locals love stew with spinach leaves, as well as the most famous Liberian meat dish – “Chop of the Country”, this dish is prepared from meat, all kinds of greens growing on this land and fish, all this is fried in palm oil. There is almost always a pitcher of ginger beer on the table.


According to Extrareference, the transport system of Liberia is very poorly developed. There are practically no good intercity roads here. The length of railway lines is 500 km. The main mode of transport here is an off-road car, capable of driving on rain-drenched dirt roads. There are also 53 airports and several seaports in the country.

Sights of Liberia