Sightseeing in Italy

By | June 23, 2022

Rovereto, Trentino-Alto Adige (Italy)

According to EZHOUSHAN.NET, Rovereto is located in the Trentino-Alto Adige region, 25 km south of Trento. It is the administrative center of the Val Lagarina valley.

The city is interesting Museum of Modern Art, Military Museum, which is located in the Castello castle (the museum is dedicated to the First World War), and the Castel Dante castle with a giant Peace Bell weighing 22.6 tons, which rings every evening in memory of those who died in the battles of the First World War war.

Just north of Rovereto, on top of a hill, rises the largest castle in the province of Trentino – Beseno Castle. He witnessed many battles that took place in these parts from the moment of its foundation (12th century) and ending with two world warriors of the 20th century. The castle is surrounded by powerful fortifications, inside which a powder warehouse, a clock tower and living quarters have been preserved. Of the other castles of Val Lagarina, one can single out the 11th century Noarna castle, which is located near Rovereto in the city of the same name and which in the Middle Ages served as a place of execution for women accused of witchcraft; and a castle in the 11th century town of Avio, where old frescoes have been preserved.

From Rovereto you can also take a trip through the picturesque Valli del Leno and Val di Gresta., where organic vegetables and fruits are grown, to the most extensive dinosaur footprint park in Italy, which presents hundreds of fossilized footprints of carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs dating back about 200 million years; to the city of Riva del Garda – one of the largest resorts on Lake Garda; or relax at the ski resorts Polsa San Valentino, located on the Brentonico plateau near the northern slope of Mount Monte Baldo near Lake Garda, and Folgaria Lavarone, located northeast of Rovereto.

Polsa San Valentino has 40 km of slopes and 9 ski lifts. The slopes are suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. There are two children’s parks for children, in addition, in San Valentino there is an ice rink and a tubing track, and in Polsa there is a modern snow park (one of the largest in Trentino).

The ski resorts of Folgaria and Lavarone, located 18 km from Rovereto, are united in the Skitour dei Forti ski area, which in Italian means “skiing at the castles.” This name was given to the region because of the abundance in these places of the remains of the Austrian fortifications of the First World War, among which is the powerful Belvedere fortress of 1912. Folgaria Lavarone offers tourists about 80 km of ski slopes of various difficulty levels and more than 30 ski lifts. The resorts are famous for their cross-country skiing trails, there are three ski areas: Millegrobbe (35 km of slopes) on the Lavarone plateau, where international cross-country skiing competitions are held, Forte Kerle (12 km of slopes) and the reconstructed Passo Coe (35 km of slopes) on the Folgaria plateau. In addition, the resorts have children’s snow parks and the Yurassik snow park with snowboarding tracks and jumps. Skirama Dolomiti, which also includes such popular ski resorts in the province of Trentino as Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo, Monte Bondone, Andalo Fai della Paganella and the resorts of the Val di Sole valley (Folgarida Marilleva, Peio and Passo Tonale). All these resorts are united by a common ski pass that allows you to use 380 pistes in the region and 150 ski lifts.

Salice Terme, Lombardy (Italy)

The thermal resort of Salice Terme is located south of Milan in the picturesque wine valley of Oltrepo Pavese, where the best Lombard wines are produced.

The resort is based on local hydrogen sulfide springs that help in the treatment of respiratory system diseases, as well as skin and gynecological diseases, and salty springs rich in iodine and bromine salts, from which therapeutic mud and cosmetics are made. Salice Terme offers its visitors thermal baths, Turkish bath, sauna, aromatic showers, massage rooms, a special bar with herbal teas, color therapy rooms, various rehabilitation, aesthetic and dietary programs. There are many hotels in Salice Terme, golf course and football and equestrian center.

Sanremo, Liguria (Italy)

San Remo is the world famous and most luxurious resort on the coast of the Ligurian Sea near the border with France. Once San Remo was a favorite vacation spot of the Russian aristocracy, not only in summer, but also in winter, because good weather conditions are observed here all year round.

Now the resort is known for the Italian Song Festival, which is held in Sanremo annually in February-March. At this time, local hotels are full.

The beaches on the coast are mostly pebbly, they are all well equipped. In the city itself there is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which is very similar to the Moscow church of the same name; Russian emigrants had a hand in its construction. Not far from the Temple is the Casino. It was opened in 1905.

San Remo is a city of flowers, probably nowhere else in the world you will see so many flowers. The city has many parks and alleys.

Sanremo, Liguria (Italy)