Sony Smart Imaging Booth, Grow The Ecosystem of The Xperia Smart Extras

Not only Sony Xperia Z1 lived Sony in the recent IFA Berlin 2013, but it also We saw some interesting accessories such as attachable cameras QX10 and QX100.

Not in vain, Sony is the brand more caring ecosystem around its range of smartphones, and the Xperia Smart Extras make up for themselves a complete range of accessories that can be used both with terminals Xperia devices of other firms.

The Sony Smart Imaging booth IPT-DS10M It’s another accessory shyly presented at the German fair, and that will come to enrich the photographic experience of smartphones.

Thus, we are to a stand with a motorized system that is able to pursue smiling faces in the focused scene, as the dock can orient itself automatically in a full circle, 360 degrees, and also with certain inclination.

The attachment runs on batteries and It is matched with the smartphone via NFC then make use of Bluetooth connectivity. The smartphone will use face recognition software to operate the invention, although as with other accessories from Sony, brand offers users two applications necessary to remove party of Imaging booth: Smart Connect and Smart Imaging Stand host app.

In addition, will also be available to the developer community the Motion API, which will give access to third-party applications to all the functionality of a stand like this.

Sony Smart Imaging Stand, availability and prices

Sony Smart Imaging booth IPT-DS10M can be seen in the Sony store for the United Kingdom, where it has already with a price of 120 pounds, about 140 euros to change. We don’t have news of time availability and prices for our country, but we assume that it will come with the Z1 Xperia and very similar cost.