Szeged and Tapolca, Hungary

By | December 22, 2022


According to, Szeged is an ancient Hungarian thermal resort located in the Songrad region, which is 170 km from Budapest. Even at the end of the 19th century. a steam bath was opened here, and in 1927 a well was drilled next to it to the source of thermal water. Today, the resort has two wells: “Anna” and “Dora”, iodine water from which helps with nervous and skin diseases, as well as with chronic fatigue.

In addition to thermal springs, Szeged is notable for its ancient historical monuments, and is also known as the birthplace of salami: there is a shop with excellent Hungarian sausage on almost every corner.

Treatment in Szeged

The alkaline iodine water of the therapeutic thermal bath “Anna” is recommended for pain in the nerve endings, inflammatory nerve diseases, chronic fatigue, diseases of the joints and spine, asthma and stomach ulcers. Contraindications: inflammatory infections, fever, epilepsy, diseases of the cardiovascular system, pregnancy.

The wellness bath located here has aromatic and steam baths, Finnish, infra- and bio-saunas, a solarium, an “effects” pool, a “pearl bath” and a jacuzzi.

Novoszeged Thermal Bath

Novoszeged thermal bath is the newest in the resort. It receives alkaline-hydrocarbonate water from the Dora well, which is used to treat rheumatism and joint diseases, post-traumatic rehabilitation treatment, and treatment of chronic gynecological inflammation. It is also successfully used orally for gastric diseases and rehabilitation after operations of the stomach and intestines.

In the therapeutic department, the baths offer therapeutic swimming and gymnastics, therapeutic massages, carbon dioxide baths, sitting pools with thermal water (+36..+40 °C). The wellness department has a Finnish sauna, a solarium, an infrared sauna and a steam room.


The waters of the therapeutic bath “Erzhebet” are warmed up to +39.5 °C and contain alkalis, bicarbonates, iodine and fluorine ions. Indications: diseases of the ligaments and spine, rheumatism. A drinking course is prescribed for caries and gastritis.

In total, this bath offers more than 30 procedures: a pool with thermal healing water, mud, thermal and carbon dioxide baths, special types of massage.

Entertainment and attractions of Szeged

The main “must sees” of the city: Church of the Votive on Cathedral Square, Demeter Tower, Regional Museum of Religion, Musical Clock, sculptures of the National Memorial Hall, Serbian Church, Ferenc Mora Museum, Moravaros Synagogue, Lower Town Church and University Park.


Tapolca is a medical resort in the west of the northern coast of Lake Balaton. Its main feature is the use of cave therapy for the treatment of various diseases, and the healing cave is located directly in the center of the city. The temperature remains around +14…+16 °C at almost 100% relative air dehydration. Already only these factors in themselves have a healing and calming effect.

One of the main natural attractions of the resort is the Lake Cave (Tavasbarlang), an almost 300-meter section of which can be overcome by boat.

How to get there

The most convenient way to get to Tapolca is from Budapest or Vienna. Every day, 4 high-speed trains leave for this resort from the Hungarian capital. Travel time is about 3.5 hours (if there are no stops), ticket price is 2410-4000 HUF one way. Discounts are provided for students and pensioners, and children under 6 travel free of charge. You can also get there by bus. The time and financial costs are about the same as for the train.

Trains and buses also run from Vienna to Tapolca. The journey by train will take about 4.5 hours and will cost 19-42 EUR one way, by bus it will take much longer – 7 hours, but cheaper: from 14 EUR one way.

Treatment in Tapolca

Indications: treatment and rehabilitation of patients with respiratory problems – asthma, catarrh, pulmonary emphysema, allergic respiratory diseases.

Entertainment and attractions in Tapolca

In addition to healing springs, there are many other interesting sights in Tapolca, and treatment here can be combined with interesting excursions.

The main attraction of the resort is the Tavasbarlang thermal bath. It is located in a cave with an underground lake, and healing properties have been attributed to local water since ancient times. In addition to being a place of amazing beauty, today there are jacuzzis, pools, a sauna and various beauty treatments for a more powerful healing effect.

More than 100 years ago, another underground lake was discovered under the city – Tavash, located in a network of karst caves. Curiously, part of this lake is above ground. It is called Mal, located in the center of Tapolca and serves as a popular holiday destination among citizens and tourists.

Another noteworthy place – the ancient city of Miskolc – is located outside the city. In the 14th century it was one of the largest settlements in Hungary, and today only ruins remain of it. However, the Town Hall Square, a Gothic cathedral, a synagogue, an orthodox church with a 16-meter iconostasis and several buildings, one of which houses an art gallery, have survived.

Tapolca, Hungary